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Seattle Coffee Gear offers a selection of customer-accessible parts and tune-up kits to help keep your machine in tip-top shape! If your coffee or espresso producing apparatus is in need of a little more TLC, our tech crew offers a variety of professional tune-up and repair services.

If you're looking for internal parts and have a DIY spirit, here are some folks that can help hook you up: Encompass Parts and Espresso Parts!

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  • Saeco Grinder Adjustment Key

    This tool will help you find that perfect grind for your Saeco Superautomatic Espresso Machine. Whole espresso beans vary in hardness and freshness, this key fine tunes the grind for optimal flavor extraction. Learn More
  • Saeco Talea Steam Knob

    The Saeco Talea Steam Knob is the on and off switch for the steam wand on the Talea Touches. It lets you control the strength of how much steam you'd like to use when frothing milk. Seattle Coffee Gear carries a full line of espresso machine parts and accessories. Learn More
  • Saeco Odea Inside Door Cover

    The Saeco Odea Inside Cover is the black plastic door cover for the brew unit side with steam vents for the Saeco Odea. Learn More
  • Saeco Syntia Dump Box

    The Saeco Syntia Dump Box stores used grounds and is easy to remove when it's full leaving you with an easy clean-up. Learn More
  • Saeco Aroma Water Tank Lid

    The Saeco Aroma Water Tank Lid covers the top of your Saeco Aroma semi-automatic espresso machine's water tank to keep things fresh and clean. Learn More
  • Saeco Incanto Water Tank Lid - Clear

    This replacement part is for the Saeco Incanto Water Tank. It is a clear plastic lid, rather than the blue or the gray tinted parts Saeco also makes. So, if an overexcited octopus cracked your current water tank lid then you are in luck, and this is the place to get a new one. Learn More
  • Saeco Brew Head Screwdriver / Cleaning Tool

    When you need to tighten up a screw or adjust your Saeco machine, what better than the Saeco Brew Head Screwdriver/Cleaning Tool. It will help you tie up those odds and ends when your machine needs a few adjustments. Dual purpose, this accessory has a screwdriver on one side while the other has a cleaning brush that will help you clean out your machines 53mm brew head. Learn More

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  • Saeco Aroma Drip Tray

    To contain unwanted spills and messes, the Saeco Aroma Drip Tray will catch the excess espresso and steamy water that may trickle out when you brew. Learn More
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