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Seattle Coffee Gear offers a selection of customer-accessible parts and tune-up kits to help keep your machine in tip-top shape! If your coffee or espresso producing apparatus is in need of a little more TLC, our tech crew offers a variety of professional tune-up and repair services.

If you're looking for internal parts and have a DIY spirit, here are some folks that can help hook you up: Encompass Parts and Espresso Parts!

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  • Rocket Drip Tray Grate

    Rocket Drip Tray Grate is compatible with either the Giotto or Cellini style drip trays. While the exterior dimensions of those two models are different, the insert is the same size on either model. Fits all current Rocket models except the Appartamento, measures 10.125 inches by 5.375 inches. Learn More
  • Rocket Solenoid Valve 2-Way

    The solenoid valve is the unsung hero of a perfectly executed espresso extraction process. This replacement Rocket Solenoid Valve is a 115V two-way valve that is used in multiple places on your espresso machine (the R58 uses three!) but its most common replacement point is your machine's fill valve. Learn More
  • Rocket Expansion Valve

    The Rocket Expansion Valve is an internal replacement part that technicians use for repair based on the diagnosis of the espresso machine. Hard to say how it happens, but if aliens appropriate the insides your Rocket Espresso Machine for their own devices, you may need to replace the Rocket Expansion Valve. Learn More
  • Rocket Steam and Water Valve

    The essence of the espresso experience is water transformed into steam and pressure. The Rocket Steam and Water Valve keeps things ship shape inside your espresso machine with no mystery leaks. Learn More

4 Item(s)

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