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Seattle Coffee Gear offers a selection of customer-accessible parts and tune-up kits to help keep your machine in tip-top shape! If your coffee or espresso producing apparatus is in need of a little more TLC, our tech crew offers a variety of professional tune-up and repair services.

If you're looking for internal parts and have a DIY spirit, here are some folks that can help hook you up: Encompass Parts and Espresso Parts!

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  • Quick Mill Four-Hole Microfoam Steam Tip (9mm) for Andreja Premium

    If you own an older version of the Quick Mill Andreja Premium, you may be working with a two-hole steam tip. Why not upgrade that two-hole steam tip to a better-than-ever Four-Hole Microfoam Steam Tip without losing the no-burn qualities of your steam arm! Standard on all new versions of the Quick Mill Andreja Premium, this new tip has four .9mm holes instead of just two, making it easier to produce silky microfoam. Not sure which tip you have? The above product photo provides a comparison between the new tip (on the left) and the older version (on the right). Learn More
  • Quick Mill Water Reservoir Float

    One of the common failure points on older Quick Mill Andreja Premium, Anita and Alexia machines was that the water sensor float would sometimes degrade, either because the float developed a small hole and took on water, causing it to sink, or because the magnet itself detached from the float and sunk to the bottom. Quick Mill recently upgraded this part and is including it on all currently manufactured models, but if you have an older version and are having issues with the machine sensing water, this part will most likely solve your problem. It has been upgraded with a stronger magnet and the float itself is filled with a buoyant substance instead of being hollow. Learn More

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