30-Day Price Guarantee

Product pricing can sometimes fluctuate due to changes in our costs, short-term sales or manufacturer promotions. If you purchase from Seattle Coffee Gear and our retail price on the item drops within 30 calendar days, please send us an email with your original SCG order number and we'll provide you with store credit for the difference! Please note: This policy does not include consumable products (such as coffee) or short term price drops lasting 72 hours or fewer (Commonly referred to as a "flash sale").

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  • 1) Sold by an official, US-based retailer of the brand (Sorry, eBay and Craigslist are not eligible!).
  • 2) Is currently in stock, with an active URL.
  • 3) The price you'd like us to match must be publicly advertised.
  • 4) Is not a consumable item like coffee, cleaning supplies, or filters.

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