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Rocket Commercial Brewhead Tune-Up Kit - 8mm

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Rocket Commercial Brewhead Tune-Up Kit - 8mm

There are about a million factors that contribute to the flavor of your espresso - everything from your choice in coffee beans to the hardness of your water can impact the flavor you'll end up producing. But there's no substitution for good maintenance when it comes to extracting the best in coffee quality! After a certain point in time you might notice that nothing you do will make your espresso pull the way it used to - and don't worry, you're not imagining that. Chances are when you find yourself in that position, all you need is a fresh tune-up kit! In a commercial setting, we'd recommend tuning up your group head every six to twelve months. It's especially important to keep commercial machines tuned up so that your coffee grounds from two months ago aren't still hanging out in your grouphead secretly embittering every single cup! Swap out your rocket screen to fix that problem; and replace the gasket to keep your portafilter swinging into its regular position. Carefully arranged to supply you with all you need by Seattle Coffee Gear, these kits come complete with the tune-up parts necessary for one group head a' piece.

Questions about which gasket size to use? Rocket machines typically come with 8mm gaskets installed. We recommend slowly moving up in gasket size over time to maintain an ergonomic portafilter handle position.

Kit Includes

  • (1) 8mm Gasket
  • (1) Shower Screen
  • (1) Diffusor O-Ring
  • (1) Shower Screen Screw
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    Rocket Espresso
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