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Brew Like a Pro With Rocket Espresso

Whether you’re buying your very first espresso machine or looking for a prosumer upgrade, there’s a Rocket Espresso machine for you. We’re here to help you find the perfect one.

Rocket Espresso Appartamento

Rocket Espresso Appartamento

The Rocket Espresso Appartamento Espresso Machine offers prosumer brewing and steaming in a compact package. With a powerful heat-exchange boiler, you’ll be able to steam milk and pull shots of espresso at the same time. A heated E61 grouphead keeps water at temp from the boiler through the portafilter, which means you’ll get the perfect shot every time. Plus—the Appartamento’s all manual interface provides tactile, precise control over the entire process. Add its striking side panel cutouts and it’s no wonder that the Appartamento is one of our most popular espresso machines. It’s the perfect starting point for your home espresso journey or a great upgrade from entry-level espresso machines.

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Rocket Espresso Giotto Timer Type V

Rocket Espresso Giotto

A modern classic, the Giotto Espresso Machine line represents the oldest Rocket Espresso machines in production. But don’t be fooled, this machine has seen updates and refinements over its lifespan that make it one of the best in the business. Taking the feature-set found in the Appartamento to the next level, the Giotto includes a PID controller for precise temperature control and an integrated shot timer. The Giotto’s angled side panels complete the package, creating a dramatic look that stuns on the countertop. The Giotto V represents an excellent upgrade for the home user that wants a high-end espresso machine or a new user looking to go all-in.

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Rocket Espresso Mozzafiato Timer Evoluzione R

Rocket Espresso Mozzafiato

The Mozzafiato Evoluzione Type R Espresso Machine is Rocket Espresso’s stunning modern take on classic Italian espresso performance. The Mozzafiato features the PID controller and timer found in the Giotto Type V, as well as the Appartamento’s prosumer performance. On top of this, the Mozzafiato Timer Evoluzione R adds a rotary pump (also available on the Giotto Type R) for plumbing the machine into a water line. All of this combines in the Mozzafiato’s sleek, modern look for a powerful statement and stellar performance. If you’re in love with the Mozzafiato’s look but don’t have a way to plumb it in, it’s also available with a vibratory pump and water tank as the Mozzafiato Type V.

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Rocket Espresso R58

Rocket Espresso R58

The R58 Espresso Machine represents Rocket Espresso’s ultimate prosumer offering for serious home baristas. Dual boilers monitored by a single PID controller provide an unstoppable brewing and steaming platform. The R58’s dual pre-infusion system creates the perfect environment to extract the full flavor from your dialed in coffee beans. Finally, with commercial grade components and the option of using the built in water reservoir or a plumbed in water line, the R58 gives you the performance of a commercial espresso machine on your countertop.

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Rocket Pro Upgrade Kit

Rocket Espresso Pro Upgrade Kit

Every Rocket Espresso Machine purchased from Seattle Coffee Gear comes with our custom Rocket Espresso Pro Upgrade Kit. A $179 value, this kit includes a durable and easy to clean silicone brew gasket, precision tamper, bottomless portafilter, triple-shot basket, and a high-quality frothing pitcher.

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Rocket Espresso Machine Feature Comparison

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