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Coffee Kids | Grounds for HopeSeattle Coffee Gear is committed to charitable giving in the coffee communities that need it most. Without them, we would have no coffee! Coffee Kids is a non-profit organization that provides resources and expertise to assist in reaching community goals. We have selected Coffee Kids because of their mulit-pronged approach to improving the lives of coffee farming communities in Latin America. All projects are designed by local community members and based on their needs and priorities.

The Coffee Kids Mission Statement:

To work with coffee-farming families to improve their lives and livelihoods.

Areas of Focus

    • Health Care 
      Through community organizing a network of women train others about preventive health care, including traditional herbal remedies, and pre- and post-natal care. 
    • Education
      Sustainable education projects and scholarships help kids learn. Education projects also include workshops on youth leadership and environmental and business literacy.
    • Economic Diversification
      Women are able to start or expand their own small businesses, ranging from selling vegetables or tortillas to running a midwifery clinic or a general store. Local small businesses are succeeding thanks to microcredit projects.
    • Food Security
      With programs aimed at backyard gardening and worm composting, coupled with nutritional education, hundreds of families are able to ensure adequate supplies of fresh, local food.
    • Community Development
      Coffee Kids supports community development to ensure the long-term success of selected projects. They also help provide skill-building opportunities and the resources to increase yields, improve soils and increase farming expertise.


News for 2013

Nuova Simonelli Supports Coffee Kids Through the Sale of the Musica

Musica Owners: Coffee Kids Membership Activation Form



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