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Service | How to Package an Espresso Machine for Shipping

If you need to ship your espresso machine (either for repair, return or to a new location), ensuring that it arrives damage-free is essential. To help you do so, we asked one of our shipping experts to guide us packaging best practices in these step-by-step how-to videos.

We cover smaller espresso machines (under 35lbs), larger espresso machines (over 35lbs) and superautomatic espresso machines in these detailed videos. Before you begin packing up your gear, we highly recommend you check these out!

Packing a Small Espresso Machine for Shipping (under 35lbs)


Packing a Large Espresso Machine for Shipping (over 35lbs)


Packing a Superautomatic Espresso Machine for Shipping


Need tips on packing up your larger machine over 35lbs? Drop us a line and we'll send you our recommendations.

If your commercial espresso machine requires repair, it's best to have this service performed on site. Smaller commercial espresso machines (such as the La Marzocco GS/3 or single group Rancilio Epoca machines) can be shipped to us for repair, but you will need to ship these using a freight service that can transport them to our location on a pallet.



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