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Fellow Monty Latte Cup

Fellow Monty Latte Cup - White Fellow Monty Latte Cup - Black
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Luxuriate in perfect morning coffee with the Fellow Monty Latte Cup. Designed for usability and appearance both, this full-size Monty cup elevates your morning coffee ritual with modern mixed medium design and a sloped interior angle that helps shape your latte art. Each Monty offers a dishwasher-safe design and a bottom cap sculpted to stack when not in use.

  • Art Attack - A curved interior and 11-ounce capacity make the Monty a perfect pick for latte art.
  • Stack and Store - The pretty, rose gold or gunmetal base makes stacking and storing your cups easy.
  • Double-wall Ceramic - The insulated ceramic body of the Monty keeps drinks hot and your hand cool.
  • Dishwasher Safe - Monty cups pop right into the dishwasher for effortless cleaning.
  • Pros
    • Shiny! - Premium materials make each Monty a pleasure to hold.
    • Easy Artwork - The sloping interior of the cup helps preserve your pour better than harder angles.
    • Works Like a Normal Cup - While subjectively a little less attractive than Fellow's Joey mugs, the addition of dishwasher-ready construction and stackable storage make these much more convenient in daily use.
  • Cons
    • Large - The thick, insulated exterior of each Monty means they feel a little large in-hand.
    • No Microwaves! - Shouldn't have to be said, but these metal-clad Montys cannot be used in the microwave.
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About Fellow

From the design of the Stagg EKG through their line of mugs and steepers, form meets function with Fellow. Thankfully, Fellow offers exceptional build quality and performance to match their aesthetic design. These amazing coffee products are also easy to use, making them a compelling option for the coffee enthusiast. Seattle Coffee Gear is happy to offer a great variety of Fellow coffee equipment for you to explore!

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