La Pavoni: Espresso Machines and Accessories

Italian espresso machine maker La Pavoni is perhaps best-known for producing a line of beautiful manual espresso machines that put all the control in your hands. Made with high-end materials like gold-plating and designed to look like the earliest antique espresso machines, La Pavoni delivers style coupled with superior shot quality.

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Precision Power

Manual espresso machines, also known as lever espresso machines, are desirable among espresso-lovers because they offer precision control with simple mechanics. Though they’re more work and require a bit of expertise to master, manual machines allow you to control the pre-infusion phase for a more precise, customized cup. If this sounds like an exciting new way to brew for you, take a look at La Pavoni’s line.

Choosing the Perfect La Pavoni

Not sure if manual espresso is right for you? We’re here to help! Give us a call or shoot us a chat message today, and we’ll fill you in on all of the details of La Pavoni’s line of manual espresso machines! Find even more info on our Blog and Coffee 101 pages!

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