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Legendary German-based coffee filter brand Melitta was founded in 1908 by a housewife named Melitta Bentz in Dresden, Germany. Melitta is credited with inventing the first coffee filter in 1908. That original design was made with her son’s school blotting paper and was meant to prevent over-brewing and stray grounds. In 1928, the company was well on its way to success, producing around 100,000 filters and employing 80 workers. It wasn’t until the 1930s that the Melitta coffee company unveiled the iconic cone-shaped, ribbed filter.

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Melitta Coffee Filters and Accessories

This innovative filter design allowed for a larger filtration area, which meant improved extraction. From there, Melitta further improved upon the cone filter and still makes enhancements to it today. Seattle Coffee Gear is proud to offer cone and basket filters from Melitta.

Melita Coffee Makers and Espresso Makers

These filters are versatile enough to work in a broad assortment of coffee makers by just about any manufacturer. Great in drip brewers and pourover system, Melitta’s filters are extremely versatile. We have tons of guides and resources for brewing with Melitta filters and more over at our Blog and Coffee 101 pages!

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