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Welcome to Seattle Coffee Gear’s selection of handpicked products by Planetary Design. We love the simplicity, affordability, and quality of Airscape Canisters. The company was founded by a Montana backpacker who was sick of drinking instant coffee on his outdoor adventures. The Missoula-based company now produces great storage and presses for keeping your coffee fresh, and brewing it on the go or in the kitchen. It’s all about lightweight builds, durability and simplicity with Planetary Design.

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Innovative Products for Coffee Anywhere, Anytime

One of the finest examples of Planetary Design’s camping-friendly coffee makers is their durable Tabletop Coffee Press. The great thing about these camping French presses is that they’re self-contained. You can brew, serve and drink straight from the unit, so you don’t need to pack a ton of extra gear for a proper cup of coffee when you’re exploring the great outdoors. What’s more, the Planetary Design Coffee Press has a double-wall, vacuum-sealed exterior that keeps your brew hotter for longer. In other words, you can take your coffee with you on day hikes and sip it all day long!

Awesome Coffee Accessories for Camping and Home Use

Not only does Planetary Design produce durable, quality-made coffee makers for camping, but they also produce an awesome line of accessories designed just for the coffee lover. For example, the company’s Airscape collection includes travel-friendly containers that keep your coffee beans, snacks and perishables fresh while you’re on all your biggest adventures. Grab a few Airscape cannisters from Planetary Design to store your freshly ground coffee beans, cereal, oatmeal, rice, or whatever else you need to keep fresh! They’re great for home use and smaller styles make the perfect addition to your camping backpack or camper. Don’t forget to swing by our Blog and Coffee 101 pages for more great ideas for your next camping trip!

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