Reg Barber: Handmade Espresso Tampers

Whether you’re a professional or home barista, having a high performance espresso tamper will change your brewing game. Reg-Barber’s espresso tampers offer high performance without skimping on style. These tampers are true works of art, and each is hand made in Reg-Barber’s labs.

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Elegant, Hand-Crafted Espresso Tampers by Reg-Barber

Not only do Reg-Barber’s tampers look great, they’re also comfortable and innovative. You can customize yours to your liking and needs with various base materials, including stainless steel, aluminum, brass and copper. Beyond tampers, Reg-Barber also offers a stylish knock box for used disks of grounds. The box looks great on a countertop and offers a great pair with your new tamper.

Elegant, Gift-Worthy Espresso Tampers

While the tamper base is quite important, the crown jewel of any Reg-Barber tamper is the handle. They are made of exceptional materials like carefully chosen wood to showcase the grain and colorful or sleek polished aluminum for an authoritative, classy look. No matter your preference, we’d love to help you customize your tamper, whether for gift or yourself. Check out our Blog and Coffee 101 pages for even more info on the art of brewing espresso!

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