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Seattle Coffee Gear Tune-Up Kit for Rancilio Silvia

Seattle Coffee Gear Tune-Up Kit for Rancilio Silvia
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Does your coffee taste off? Does it drip around your portafilter? These might be indications that it is time to put the Seattle Coffee Gear Tune-Up Kit to good use. Depending on how often you use your machine will inform your maintenance schedule. Typical daily users require maintenance at 3 or 6 month intervals. More occasional users may find that annual maintenance is sufficient.

Some things are harder to tune than others. A baby grand piano? No, thank you! Your Rancilio Silvia? Sure! Why not? Included in the Tune-Up Kit are detailed instructions written by the Seattle Coffee Gear Crew! and these needed parts:

  • 58mm brew head gasket
  • Brew head screen
  • Brew head screw
  • (1) - 1 ounce packet of Dezcal

Unsure whether you are up to the task of this Do-It-Yourself maintenance? Take a sneak peek at the instructions before you decide.

How to Guides:

Guide to Descaling

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