Slayer Espresso: Commercial Espresso Machines

Uncompromising performance, killer style, Slayer machines are the cream of the brewing crop. Slayer’s designs are all about crisp lines, easy ergonomics and a vintage, mechanical flair. Seattle Coffee Gear offers several handmade Slayer Espresso machines to suit a range of budgets and needs, whether you’re a high-volume café or a serious at-home espresso enthusiast.

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Boutique Espresso Machines for Commercial Use: Slayer Espresso

We offer Slayer’s classic self titled in both one and two group options. This is the flagship machine of Slayer and features the company’s innovative needle valve technology for excellent flavor profiling. This technology uses an adjustable flow restrictor in the pre-brewing phase to allow for a finer grind setting than typical espresso machines. We also offer the Slayer Steam X, which prioritizes a streamlined workflow and space without sacrificing Slayer style.

Slayer Steam: High-End Commercial Espresso Machines

We’d love to help you find out what Slayer machine is right for you! Buying a first class machine like this can be daunting, but we’re here to help. Give us a call or send us a chat message for expert advice, and the best possible price. Ask about custom options as well, as Slayer loves to customize the machines they make! Be sure to check out our Blog and Coffee 101 pages if you have more questions!

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