Now a household name, you might not know that Vitamix was founded all the way back in 1949 (you can even watch a clip of the first Vitamix infomercial!) Their mission has always been one of innovation in food preparation and they are guided by a belief that healthy foods should be easy to whip up, contributing to a better well-being. To be sure, their products definitely live up to their intended purpose, helping you create everything from bread to smoothies.

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More Than Smoothies

But we know that if you're here at Seattle Coffee Gear, you might be looking for more than smoothies and juices! Vitamix's high-performance blenders can open up your coffee setup to the wide world of blended coffee beverages. Like a milkshake plus your favorite caffeinated beverage, you can't go wrong with a smooth blended coffee, ice, and milk concoction. Add in some cream and syrup and you've got a decadent cool treat. Plus, Vitamix blenders have applications for all kinds of mixed and blended drinks, even cocktails! They're the perfect way to expand the potential of your beverage station, so give a Vitamix blender a look here at Seattle Coffee Gear today.

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