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Melitta Gourmet Coffee Filters

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Taste the sheer difference in high quality extraction with Melitta's Gourmet Coffee Filters! Expertly designed to evenly pull fully developed flavors from your grounds, the Melitta Gourmet Coffee Filters are patented with 2 extraction zones to formulate precise flavor construction. Made from 100% compostable paper, these gourmet filters will fit inside all 8-12 cup cone-brewers as they actively work to support your ideal levels of absorbance, texture, and strength. Never underestimate the effect your filter can have over flavor–check out the Melitta Specialty Pour-Over Coffee Filters for an epically high quality output.

  • 80 included filters: Making 80 delicious cups of your favorite pour-over brew.
  • Double-Crimp design: Shaped to include Melitta's trademark double-crimp design to prevent bursting extraction.
  • Carefully designed: The flavor profile of pour-over is very delicate and easily altered by outlying factors, which is why these filters were created using FSC Certified, and 100% compostable paper.

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