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Capresso MT900 Coffee Maker

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You can't reinvent the wheel, or the coffee maker. Instead, the Capresso MT900 aims to be a classic coffee maker done well. It sounds like small praise, but how many good coffee makers can you name off-hand? The MT900 hits all the right points—ideal 185º in the cup, wide spray head, insulated carafe, removable water tank, charcoal water filter, automatic-on and classic melitta #4 cone filter. Even better, a reusable goldtone filter and a setting for small batches of coffee double the MT900's utility.

  • Rapid Brew - The MT900 can brew a full pot of coffee in just under 6 minutes.
  • Pause and Pour - Can't wait? You can have your first cup while the MT900 finishes its brew cycle.
  • Small Batch - A dedicated 3-5 cup brew setting makes it easy to brew for one.
  • Removable Water Tank - The water reservoir features a built-in handle that makes it easy to lift off and fill in the sink.
  • Water Filter - A built-in charcoal water filter helps reduce scale and improve flavor in the pot.
  • Programming - Set the MT900 to brew a pot of coffee so you don't have to.
  • Metal Filter - An included goldtone filter offers a richer cup and can be reused again and again.
  • Insulated Carafe Version - Looking for the glass carafe version? Click here!
  • Pros
    • Just Right - Not too hot and not too cold, the final brew temperature of the Capresso MT900 rivals Bonavita and Technivorm in-cup temperatures.
    • Low Profile - Slim and tall, the MT900 is great looking and will fit in most kitchens.
    • Winning Water - The removable water tank is a no-brainer, and the inclusion of a built-in water filter is a nice addition that will improve your coffee quality without any added work.
  • Cons
    • Pour Problems - The insulated carafe's pour spout is slooooowwwww. We ended up twisting it partially open for faster (and messier) pours at the office.
    • Water Tank in the Back - You'll have to pull the MT900 out from under your cabinet to fill with water.
  • How Does it Compare?

    While brew temp is notoriously difficult to test, a rough measurement (a probe thermometer wedged into the brew basket) registered a surprisingly consistent 190 degree brew temperature. Not quite up to the SCAA's standards, but we were more than happy with our results.

  • Tips and Tricks

    Preheat your carafe with hot water before brewing! This will keep your coffee piping hot for hours.

  • Resources

    Warranty Information

    What it Covers: Jura and Capresso espresso machines, coffee makers, tea makers, grinders and milk frothers

    Length: 1 Year (Refurbished Jura-branded equipment, all Capresso-branded equipment), 2 Years (New Jura-branded superautomatic espresso machines)

    Who Supports the Warranty: Jura

    Warranty Contact Information: 800-767-3554

    Eligible for SCG Extended Warranty? No

    Can SCG Repair? No

    Note:Capresso-branded equipment is often replaced rather than repaired during the warranty period, whereas Jura-branded superautomatics have a repair process managed directly by the company (located on the East Coast of the US).

    Care and Maintenance

  • Auto On
  • Manufacturer
  • Model Number
    MT900 (#498.05)
  • Width
    9 inches
  • Depth
    9 inches
  • Height
    14 inches
  • Product Weight (lbs.)
  • Watts
  • Volts
  • Material
    Metal and Plastic
  • Case Material
  • Reservoir Size
    48 ounces
  • Auto Shut Off
  • Max/Min Ounces per Pot
    48 ounces
  • Warm Up: Brew Time
  • Mid-Brew Interrupt
  • Certified to NSF/ANSI Standards
About Capresso

Founded in 1994 in an effort to introduce the American market to high-end European coffee makers, Capresso brings excellent versatility and precision for the home barista! Whether you’re looking for a Capresso coffee maker or want to upgrade to a high-end percolator. This Swiss company makes robust coffee machines, grinders, espresso machines, milk frothers and other staples that will help you start your home coffee journey.

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