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Rocket Espresso Giotto Timer Type V Espresso Machine

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Heritage design meets modern accoutrements with the Rocket Espresso Giotto Timer Type V. A classic E61 design in a stainless steel case belies the technology packed inside, offering the best of both classic design notions and usability. Features like a built-in shot timer, hidden PID controller, and group flow restrictors elevate the Giotto Timer's functionality beyond standard espresso machines—all without sacrificing the machine's style. Simultaneous brewing and steaming, efficient heat management, and high-powered steaming combine to make a machine as easy to use as it is to look at.

  • Built by Hand - The Giotto Timer Type V is designed and built by hand in Milan, Italy.
  • Shot Timer - A mini shot timer adds extra functionality without affecting the classic face of the machine.
  • PID Controller - Placed behind the drip tray, this PID controller replaces the pressurestat of other machine and offers more stable temperatures in the steam boiler.
  • Steel Case - The Giotto's bold, angular case, removable cup rail, drip tray and feet are all a rust-resistant stainless steel.
  • Heat-exchange Boiler - A 1.8-liter steam boiler with a cold water tube running through it pulls water fresh from the reservoir. Steam pressure is calibrated at the factory to passively heat water to ideal brew temp.
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  • Pros
    • Shot Timer - A minute shot timer mounted low on the case adds extra usability without dominating the face of the machine.
    • Easy Brewing - Rocket's minorly-modified E61 design makes for soft, repeatable shots—without sacrificing on taste.
    • Dramatic - The Giotto's sloping side panels add a dash of Italian flair to the machine's looks.
  • Cons
    • Shiny and Chrome - Keep a microfiber cloth handy to keep your machine looking bright and clean.
  • Resources

    Warranty Information

    What it Covers: Rocket Espresso home machines and grinders


    • Espresso Machines: 3 years parts and labor
    • Grinders: 1 year parts and labor

    Warranty Point of Contact: Seattle Coffee Gear, read more about Seattle Coffee Gear's Warranty coverage.

    Contact Information: 866-372-4734 or email us at

    Eligible for SCG Extended Warranty? Yes

    Can SCG Repair? Yes, read more about our repair services

    Care and Maintenance

    • Clean the brew gasket with a cleaning brush.
    • Soap out water tank and drip tray every few days.
    • Perform backflush routine and clean the filter basket each week.
    • Keep the stainless-steel casing shiny with a microfiber cloth.

  • Model Number
  • Manufacturer
    Rocket Espresso
  • Width
    13.2 inches
  • Depth
    16.5 inches
  • Height
    Adjustable 14.75 to 16.75 inches
  • Product Weight (lbs.)
  • Watts
  • Volts
  • Programmability
  • Case Material
    Stainless Steel
  • Boiler Material
  • Cup Clearance
    3.5 inches
  • Boiler Volume
    1.8 L
  • Reservoir Size
    2.5 L
  • Solenoid Valve
  • Cup Tray
  • Portafilter Size
  • Available Portafilters
    Pressurized, Non-Pressurized, Bottomless
  • Warm Up: Brew Time
    20 minutes
  • Boiler Design
    Heat Exchanger
  • Certified to NSF/ANSI Standards
  • Pod Friendly
  • Water Sources
    Reservoir/Internal Tank
  • Auto Shut Off
  • Auto On
  • Pre-Infusion/Aroma
  • Material
    Stainless Steel
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As low as $1,750
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Auto On No No No
Auto Shut Off No No No
Available Portafilters Pressurized, Non-Pressurized, Bottomless Non-Pressurized, Bottomless Non-Pressurized, Bottomless
Boiler Design Heat Exchanger Heat Exchanger Heat Exchanger
Boiler Material Brass/Copper Brass/Copper Brass/Copper
Boiler Volume 1.8 L 1.8L 2 liter
Cup Clearance 3.5 inches 3.5 inches 3.5 inches
Cup Tray Yes Yes Yes
Depth 17 inches 16.5 inches 16.0 inches
Height 14.25 inches Adjustable 14.75 to 16.75 inches 16.75 inches
Portafilter Size 58mm 58mm 58mm
Programmability No Temperature Shot Time
Reservoir Size 2.5 L 2.5 L 3 liter
Solenoid Valve Yes Yes Yes
Recommended For Turkish
Warm Up: Brew Time 20 minutes 25 minutes
Water Sources Reservoir/Internal Tank Convertible - Internal Reservoir or Plumbed in Reservoir/Internal Tank
Width 10.5 inches 13.2 inches 12.75 inches
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