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Solis Barista Perfetta Espresso Machine

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  • Compact Espresso Machine
  • Classic Steam Wand
  • Pressurized or Nonpressurized
  • Programmable Shot Time
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Perfect your morning coffee routine with the Solis Barista Perfetta Espresso Machine. Built for the home espresso journey, the Perfetta offers an excellent starting point for new baristas without sacrificing the tools more experienced enthusiasts need. This careful design means you get labor-saving niceties like programmable shot times, auto-purge solenoids, and optional pressurized baskets for pre-ground coffee or pods—alongside features like a front-and-center pressure gauge, single hole manual steam wand, and easy access to hot water for tea or Americanos. Even the Perfetta's included accessories carry this attention to detail with just-right sizing and high quality finishes.

  • Compact Footprint - Measuring in at a slim 6 inches wide, the Solis will fit in any kitchen or counter.
  • Basket Options - Brew options abound with nonpressurized, pressurized, and ESE pod baskets to fit your mornings.
  • Programmable Shot Time - Set and save single and double shot times for one touch espressos.
  • Adjustable Temperature - The electronically controlled temperature can be dialed up or down to your tastes.
  • Classic Steam Wand - A classic single hole steam wand puts milk temperature and texture in your hands.
  • Pressure Gauge - An inline manometer gives exacting feedback to help you keep your coffee dialed in.
  • Pros
    • Excellent Espresso - The Solis brews hot and gives excellent feedback to make the most of every shot.
    • Compact Case - The Solis' small size makes it an excellent choice for those who don't want to sacrifice a quarter of their kitchen for a cup of coffee.
    • Hot Water - Unlike other compact machines on the market, the Solis offers easy on-demand hot water through the steam wand.
  • Cons
    • Hot Hot Heat - Even with the machine's auto-purge functionality, you'll still want to run some water through the group before brewing to get temperatures down.
    • Compact Case - The Solis' slim size means a small cup tray and a smaller drip tray; a fair trade for the footprint but still fast to fill up.
  • How Does it Compare?
    Compared to other compact machines on the market, the Solis offers much more hands-on operation and feedback: unpressurized baskets, manual steaming, and a real manometer.
  • Resources

    Warranty Information

    What it Covers: Solis espresso machines and grinders

    Length: 1 Year

    Who Supports the Warranty: Seattle Coffee Gear

    Warranty Contact Information:

    Eligible for SCG Extended Warranty? Yes (Espresso machines only)

    Can SCG Repair? Espresso Machines only, read more about our repair services

    User Manual

    Solis Perfetta User Manual

  • Model Number
    Perfetta Plus 1170
  • Manufacturer
  • Width
    7 inches
  • Depth
    17 inches w/ portafilter
  • Height
    12.5 inches
  • Product Weight (lbs.)
  • Watts
    1550 W
  • Volts
    120 V
  • Programmability
    Temperature, Shot Time
  • Case Material
  • Boiler Material
    Stainless Steel-lined Aluminum
  • Cup Clearance
    3.5 inches
  • Reservoir Size
    2 L
  • Solenoid Valve
  • Cup Tray
  • Portafilter Size
  • Available Portafilters
    Pressurized and Non-Pressurized, E.S.E Pods, Pressurized
  • Warm Up: Brew Time
    52 Seconds
  • Boiler Design
  • Pod Friendly
    Yes - without adaptation
  • Water Sources
    Reservoir/Internal Tank
  • Auto Shut Off
  • Auto On
  • Pre-Infusion/Aroma
  • Material
    Stainless Steel
About Solis

Solis espresso machines and grinders offer two perfect puzzle pieces for your home brewing setup. On one hand, the Solis Perfetta espresso machine is a fantastic way to start (or upgrade) your home espresso setup. This powerful, adaptable espresso machine is full of high quality features you'd normally expect to find on more expensive machines, including pressurized and non-pressurized portafilter options. The Solis Scala coffee grinder is a great entry level grinder perfect for drip brewing and pour over. On the low end of its grind scale, the Scala can grind fine enough for pressurized espresso, which makes it a great first grinder as you discover your favorite way to brew.

Learn More

Founded in Switzerland in 1908, Solis has made a range of home appliances and electronics over their long history. From heating pads to hair dryers, Solis’ design sensibilities drive their approachable and affordable products. In the 1950s, Solis introduced some of their products to the US market, and we’re excited to bring their espresso machines and grinders to our customers.

At Seattle Coffee Gear, we pride ourselves on bringing you exceptional coffee equipment, and we’re confident that you’ll find that Solis’ consistent and easy to use coffee grinders and espresso machines live up to that high standard.

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$648 Regular Price $750
Auto On No No
Auto Shut Off Yes Yes
Available Portafilters Pressurized and Non-Pressurized, E.S.E Pods Pressurized and Non-Pressurized, Pressurized Pressurized
Boiler Design Thermoblock Thermocoil Thermocoil
Boiler Material Stainless Steel-lined Aluminum Stainless Steel-lined Aluminum Stainless Steel
Cup Clearance 3.5 inches 4 inches 4 inches
Cup Tray Yes Yes
Depth 13.75 inches with portafilter 12.6 inches 12.75 inches
Height 13.5 inches 11.8 inches 12.5 inches
Portafilter Size 57mm 54mm 54mm
Programmability Shot Time, Milk Temperature, Milk Foam Shot Time
Reservoir Size 48 ounces 64 oz 48 ounces
Solenoid Valve Yes Yes
Warm Up: Brew Time 5 minutes 16 seconds 6 seconds
Water Sources Reservoir/Internal Tank Reservoir/Internal Tank Reservoir/Internal Tank
Width 10 inches 7.7 inches 7.75 inches
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