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Gold Tone Filter for Coffee Makers - #4

Gold Tone Filter - Coffee Makers #4 Cone
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The Gold Tone Filter is built to last and provides an incredibly smooth cup of coffee. Reusable, and dishwasher safe (upper rack), this filter fits most coffee makers that use a standard #4 size filter, plus Technivorm coffee makers and most 10 and 12 cup European coffee makers. We have noticed a taste difference between coffee brewed with gold filters and coffee brewed with paper filter. Conduct your own coffee experiments to see which you prefer!

  • Pros
    • Dishwasher Safe - Simply place your Gold Tone Filter onto the upper rack of your dishwasher to clean
    • Reusable - Use your Gold Tone Filter again and again with gentle washing, it's made to last for years
  • Cons
    • Wash With Every Use - To keep your coffee tasting great, the Gold Tone Filter must be washed each time you use it
    • Sediment - We suggest using a coarse grind to avoid sediment in your coffee
  • How Does it Compare?

    You'll find that this Gold Tone Filter is designed to last several years, will give you a smoother cup of coffee and will save you money due to its reusability.

  • Tips and Tricks

    This Gold Tone Filter is a little loosey-goosey in the Bonavita and K741 Technivorm models. It works but there's some jiggle to it. If you prefer things high and tight then check out the Frieling Gold Filter.

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