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Eureka 75mm Replacement Burrs

Eureka 75mm Replacement Burrs - Steel Eureka 75mm Replacement Burrs - Steel Eureka 75mm Replacement Burrs - Titanium
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Keep your grinder running in top condition with one of these replacement burr sets from Eureka! Choose from 75mm hardened steel, sturdy titanium, or heat-resistant Red Speed finishes for your home or commercial grinder. Compatible with Atom 75, Drogheria, and Olympus 75 Models.

Which Burr Set is Right for You?

  • Steel - The base material for most burrs. These are all you need for home use, but have the shortest service life for commercial applications
  • Titanium - A titanium coating over a steel core, titanium burrs offer a significantly longer service life for commercial settings
  • Red Speed - An aluminum-titanium combo coating, this further increases service life of the burr, and purportedly adds heat-buildup resistance as well
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