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Philips Saeco AquaClean Water Filter

Philips Saeco AquaClean Water Filter Philips Saeco AquaClean Water Filter Philips Saeco AquaClean Water Filter
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Keep the caffeine flowing and your machine clean with the Philips Saeco AquaClean filter! Designed to drastically reduce your espresso machine maintenance, regular use of AquaClean filters lets you go up to 5,000 cups of coffee before a descale. A little bit of math: if you have four shots of espresso a day, you'll be able to go 3.5 years between descale cycles. That's a lot of espresso. Compatible with Philips espresso machines, as well as PicoBaristo, Incanto, and Xelsis models.

  • Tips and Tricks
    Make sure to rinse your filter before first use! Saeco recommends submerging upside down to release air before installing.
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  • Model Number
  • Width
    3.3 inches
  • Depth
    1.6 inches
  • Height
    3.5 inches
  • Product Weight (lbs.)
  • Material
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About Philips Saeco

Philips Saeco is a fine producer of superautomatic espresso machines. From offering the best value in the category with the Philips Carina, to best in class performance in the Saeco Xelsis, this is a brand that has refined and developed the perfect user experience for decades. We love Philips Saeco for their machines’ ease of use, quality performance, and AquaClean filtration, which makes maintenance a breeze. Start your espresso journey with Philips Saeco, and explore a whole world of incredible coffee.

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