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  • – Adjustable Needle Valve Pre-brewing
  • – PID-controlled Stainless Steel Double Boilers
  • – Built By Hand in Seattle, WA
  • – Direct Plumb Only

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Single origin espresso never tasted so good! The Slayer Espresso machine embodies the focus of third-wave coffee with custom pre-brew controls, top-of-the-line materials, and the potential for some of the most delicious espresso you'll ever have. Key to the Slayer Espresso methodology is their focus on flavor profiling, a technique that isolates chosen flavors present in a roast. This is largely possible thanks to the accurate—and thus endlessly repeatable—technology integrated into every Slayer machine. PID-controlled boilers for brewing and steaming, a precisely heated group and their patented 'needle valve' technology that accurately restricts flow rate for low pressure pre-infusion.

Features and Functionality

  • Needle Valve - A pre-brew flow rate of 120ml a minute can be easily adjusted with a small turn of Slayer's needle valve. This precision flow rate control lets you dial in your pre-infusion step down to the milliliter.
  • The Slayer Shot - This controllable pre-brew opens up the ability to recreate classic lever machine profiles, or to open up new profiles just for single origin espresso, with higher repeatability and control. Extra-fine grind settings, full-saturation pre-infusion, and flavor isolation are all possible.
  • Gear Pump - A commercial gear pump offers the ability to raise or lower brew pressure.
  • Touch Screen Menu and Shot Timer - Accessible settings and an automatic shot timer make precision effortless.
  • PID Temperature Control - A rear-mounted digital control set lets you dial-in temperature as accurately as any other variable.
  • Made in the USA - Assembled and bench tested by hand in Seattle, WA!
  • Repeatable Variables - Slayer keeps track of every espresso machine-side variable: temperature, pressure and flow rate stay the same shot after shot.
  • Classic Profile - Slayer's method of low pressure pre-infusion creates a flavor profile reminiscent of classic lever machines.
  • Touchscreen Control - A digital touchscreen mounted at the back of the drip tray makes for easy parameter adjustments at the flick of a finger.
  • Plumbed Only - A small complaint on a machine of this caliber, if you're looking to run a pop-up or coffee cart you'll need a flojet or similar reservoir pump.
Height 14.5 inches including steam lever
Width 24.3 inches
Depth 18.1 inches
Watts 1300W | 2000W; 600W brew boiler
Volts 110v | 220v
Boiler Volume Brew: 1.1 L | Steam: 3.3 L | Pre-heat: 60 ml




Warranty Information

What it Covers: Slayer Espresso and Slayer Steam machines

Length: 15 months parts only

Warranty Point of Contact: Slayer Espresso

Contact Information: +1 206-284-7171 or email at

Eligible for SCG Extended Warranty? No

Can SCG Repair? No

Care and Maintenance

  • Make sure to use soft or filtered water to prevent scale build-up.
  • Backflush weekly or more as needed.
  • Keep wood furniture well-oiled to prevent wear.

  • User Manuals

    Slayer Espresso Installation Requirements


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