Slayer Steam Commercial Espresso Machine


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  • – Dry steam technology
  • – Great for non-dairy milks
  • – Volumetric programming
  • – High volume
  • – Intuitive, accessible menus

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Supercharged steam makes milk drinks easier than ever with the Slayer Steam Commercial Espresso Machine. Built for the high-volume demands of modern cafes, the Steam is streamlined from the ground up to get milk drinks made faster. A set-and-forget multiboiler system pairs with programmable volumetric shot controls and flashing indicator lights, letting your barista focus on their workflow instead of coaxing a shot out of the machine. With espresso consistently managed, the Steam's vaporizer-equipped steam wands and two-stage actuators gives your barista unprecedented control over milk temp and texturing—even with notoriously tricky nut milks or other dairy alternatives. Coupled with design notes to die for and American-made roots, the Slayer Steam is the perfect choice for a forward-thinking brew bar.

Features and Functionality

  • PID Multiboiler - Dedicated brew boilers and independent PID settings let you set each group to a different temperature for multiple coffees.
  • Superheated Steam - Programmable in-line heaters increase steam temperature even further, giving you dry, easily controllable texturing power.
  • Two-stage Steaming - With two steam vaporizer settings on each wand, you can speed up or slow down milk texturing mid-steam. This extra control makes the Slayer Steam an excellent choice for alternative milks like almond or soy.
  • Auto-volumetric Shots - Speed up your workflow with the Steam's two-stage brew paddle, which lets you program a shot volume for each position.
  • Adjustable Drip Tray - Raise the drip tray up or down to accommodate different cup sizes.
  • Tech Friendly - Sturdy, well-placed components, easily traceable wiring and a dedicated drainage block for boiler maintenance makes the Steam a dream machine for service technicians.
  • Made in the USA - Built and tested by hand in Seattle, Washington.
Height 16.75 inches
Width 2 Group: 35 inches | 3 Group: 44.5 inches
Depth 28 inches
Watts 2 Group: 5700W | 3 Group: 5700W
Volts 2 Group: 220V | 3 Group: 220V
Boiler Volume 2 Group: 2X 1.7 L Brew Boiler; 7 L Service Boiler | 3 Group: 3X 1.7 L Brew Boiler; 12 L Service Boiler




Warranty Information

What it Covers: Slayer Espresso and Slayer Steam machines

Length: 15 months parts only

Who Supports the Warranty: Slayer Espresso

Warranty Contact Information: +1 206-284-7171 or email at

Eligible for SCG Extended Warranty? No

Can SCG Repair? Yes, read more about our repair services

Care and Maintenance


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