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Solis Scala Coffee Grinder Brew Bundle

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Special Price $89 Regular Price $129
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Make an easy entrance to specialty coffee at home with the Solis Scala Grinder Brew Bundle! Built with all the necessities for a fresh pour over from you kitchen, all you need is hot water for a fresh cup any time. The Solis Scala bundle includes grinder, A Bonavita #4 ceramic pour over cone, 100 paper filters, and a server sized just-right for 1 or 2 coffee lovers.
  • Skill Level

    Beginner: Stepped grind adjustments and simple controls help anyone get grinding.

    Intermediate: Grinders offering accurate grind controls and programmable dosing for daily coffee drinkers.

    Expert: Stepless grind adjustments and pro-barista features make these the top of the line in coffee grinding.

  • Programming

    Manual: Manually grind your just-right dose.

    Timed: Set a grind time for automatic dosing.

    Programmable: Program multiple grind times for extra drink options.

    By Weight: A built-in scale weighs coffee as it grinds for a perfect dose.

  • Grinder Type

    Espresso: Designed for precision grinds at fine settings just for espresso.

    Coffee: Consistent at coarser grind settings for slow brew coffee methods (no unpressurized espresso baskets).

    Espresso and Coffee: Capable of consistent grinding in both espresso and slow brew ranges.

  • Grind Settings

    Stepped: Notched, labeled settings for easy adjustability and repeatability.

    Stepless: Precision stepless adjustment allows for micro-changes to grind size.

  • Pour Over Setup: The brew bundle offers excellent flexibility for the new brewer, including:
  • Solis Scala Grinder: Designed well for our over, the Scala offers a steel conical burrset, 20 grind settings, and a built-in timer for one-touch grinding to the right volume for pour over.
  • Bonavita V Dripper: Designed to fit classic V paper filters, the V Dripper is big enough for multiple cups and offers a sturdy ceramic build.
  • Bonavita Server: This Bonavita Server offers a generous 600ml capacity in easy-cleaning borosilicate glass.
  • Melitta Filters: Get brewing immediately with 100 filters in the box. Specially designed for pour over brew methods.

About Solis

Solis espresso machines and grinders offer two perfect puzzle pieces for your home brewing setup. On one hand, the Solis Perfetta espresso machine is a fantastic way to start (or upgrade) your home espresso setup. This powerful, adaptable espresso machine is full of high quality features you'd normally expect to find on more expensive machines, including pressurized and non-pressurized portafilter options. The Solis Scala coffee grinder is a great entry level grinder perfect for drip brewing and pour over. On the low end of its grind scale, the Scala can grind fine enough for pressurized espresso, which makes it a great first grinder as you discover your favorite way to brew.

Learn More

Founded in Switzerland in 1908, Solis has made a range of home appliances and electronics over their long history. From heating pads to hair dryers, Solis’ design sensibilities drive their approachable and affordable products. In the 1950s, Solis introduced some of their products to the US market, and we’re excited to bring their espresso machines and grinders to our customers.

At Seattle Coffee Gear, we pride ourselves on bringing you exceptional coffee equipment, and we’re confident that you’ll find that Solis’ consistent and easy to use coffee grinders and espresso machines live up to that high standard.

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  • Skill Level
  • Manufacturer
  • Width
    5 inches
  • Depth
    6.75 inches
  • Height
    10.5 inches
  • Product Weight (lbs.)
  • Watts
    180 W
  • Volts
    120 V
  • Bean Hopper Capacity
    10 oz
  • Adjustment Configuration
    Stepped - Macro Settings Only
  • Grinder Style
    Burr - Conical Steel
  • Size
    600 ml
  • Material
    Metal and Plastic
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