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Technivorm Moccamaster Coffee Brewer KBTS - Polished Silver

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Product Description

Technivorm has made a shorter version with this petite 8-cup coffee maker. If you are into brewing and enjoying the very best drip coffee possible, the Technivorm Moccamaster KBTS is the machine for you. It is one of the few auto-drip coffee makers certified by the Specialty Coffee Association of America to brew at optimal temperatures. The KBTS also has a thermal container to keep brewed coffee at the optimal temperature. The Technivorm is superbly constructed in Holland. This is one of the most durable and best quality coffee brewers we have ever tested, and it's clearly built to last.

Features & Functionality of the Technivorm Moccamaster KBTS

  • Brewing Temperature - Brewing temperature between 198-205°F and holding temperature between 176-185°F meeting the requirements of the ECBC/SCAE/SCAA
  • State of the Art Brewing - 9-hole spray head wets the grounds evenly for a perfect extraction every time. Brew cycle completes in 5 to 6 minutes. Filter holder has hand operated filter stop.
  • Heavy Duty Boiler - Durable copper element with dual safety guard
  • Easy Filter Options - Can be used with a reusable Swiss Gold cone filter or can use disposable paper filters
  • Water Level - The KBTS has an easy to read water level reservoir
  • Thermal Carafe - Includes a thermal carafe that keeps the coffee fresh and hot. Indicator light shows when the carafe is in correct position to start brew cycle
  • It Brews Hot Enough - One of the few coffee makers that brews at an optimal 200°F and is certified by the SCAA (Specialty Coffee Association of America)
  • Great Tasting Coffee - Drip coffee is 'sooooo' much better when brewed at the correct temperature and with the right equipment. True coffee love, taste the difference!
  • Thermal Carafe - Includes a thermal carafe that keeps the coffee fresh and hot without burning the coffee which can easily happen with a glass carafe and hot plate warming design
  • Expensive - The KBTS is more expensive to purchase than other models however it is designed to last longer, so over time there should be a break even point
  • Industrial Design - The KBTS has a larger more industrial design that may not be to everyone's liking or kitchen design aesthetic.
How Does it Compare?

The KBTS is the smallest brew carafe available from Technivorm.

Tips and Tricks

The Technivorm KBT741 can "pre-infuse" by moving the brew pause lever up for around 30 seconds before brewing.

Additional Information

Manufacturer Technivorm
Model Number KBTS
Width 11.5 inches
Depth 6.25 inches
Height 13 inches
Product Weight (lbs.) 7.7000
Watts 1400 watts
Volts 110 volts
Size 8 cup
Reservoir Size 32 ounces
Max/Min Ounces per Pot 32 ounces
Warm Up: Brew Time 6 minutes
Mid-Brew Interrupt Yes
Programmability No
Available Carafe Styles Stainless Steel

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Why did you choose this?
Seattle Coffee Gear Store
It always makes wonderful coffee, keep it warm long time and it's so easy to use it!
Elena S on Jan 29, 2012
Hi, I am considering this coffee maker and wanted to know if there is a way to limit the amount of coffee brewed. For example I just need approximately 16 ounces in the morning. Also, I saw some of you purchased the item almost a year ago. Any problems? Thank you in advance. Alex
Alex C on Dec 26, 2012
Best Answer: First of all, I have had no problems with this coffee maker. It makes a perfect brew each and every time. Fast brewing at correct temperature!

I also limit my brewing.

I use 14 ounces of cold water which produces about as much as a Grande at Starbuck's. I set the brewing basket control to OFF. This allows the coffee to soak in the brew basket. I believe that by doing this the coffee releases more of its flavor. Sometime I stir the coffee in the brew basket being careful not to tear the filter paper. The brewed coffee level does not overflow the basket using 14 ounces of water.
You will still have to use the pot to activate the brewing cycle switch, but after the coffee has finished brewing, I remove the pot and put my travel container, or mug under the brew basket and lift the control to the full open position. Now the pot stays clean and you have 14 ounces of delicious coffee to start your day.
Reply · Report · David D on Dec 28, 2012
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I have problems with the filter holder clogging. Any one have this problem? What did you do to correct it?

Cherie D on Jan 22, 2012
Best Answer: Cherie, I assume you mean that your holder is clogging with coffee, yes?
If so the only time I have had this happen is when the filter overflowed because I did not have the slide switch set to the opening required for the amount of coffee I was using. I have found that I can set it at 1/2 way if I use 3 or less scoops of coffee and fully open if I am using 4 or 5 scoops. Another possibility might be that your coffee is too finely ground and thus water is not going through filter paper fast enough and leading to overflowing. Also, excuse me for asking, but you are using filters in the cone, yes?
Reply · Report · David S on Jan 25, 2012
· Add Answer · I Have This Question Too (0)
I just ordered the TV KBTS. In my research I saw old reviews (8-10 yrs?) indicating that the dispersion pattern wasn't very good and it was best to stir during the brewing cycle. More recent reviews seem to indicate that the distribution pattern may have been improved and while stirring wasn't required some recommend it anyway. Does anyone have feedback on stirring the grounds or just brewing without stiring?
A shopper on May 6, 2013
Best Answer: I haven't tried taste testing stirring vs. not stirring but I've gotten into the habit of stirring every time.

When you start the cycle and the filter fills up, there are always a bunch of grounds that end up floating on top. Common sense tells me I might get a little more flavor if I mix them up in the hot water.

When I'm brewing several cups and using the pot, I wait for the filter to fill up completely before opening up the slow drip to give it a little more brew time.

I typically only brew one big cup, however, so once the filter fills up I pull the pot away and hold my mug underneath and fill it up straight from the cone.

Either way It's a very short process and I'm usually standing right there waiting for it anyway so the stirring isn't a big deal.

Separate note: I have tried testing metal mesh filter vs. paper filter and you indeed get more flavor using the metal filters. The downside is that you end up with a little mud in the bottom of your mug but it's definitely worth it.

Secondly: best mug available for keeping your coffee hot is the Starbucks ceramic mug with a lid that fits inside the mug. So you're sipping coffee from the ceramic part and not through a plastic lid. I fill the mug with hot water to warm it up before and the coffee temp stays great for about an hour.
Reply · Report · Todd M on May 6, 2013
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I clean my current coffee pot using CLR and water and brewing it through the system and then rinsing by running plain water through the brew cycle 4 times. Would this be safe or is there a recommended way to clean your system?
Darrin B on Jan 23, 2016
Best Answer: Yes, I use the same procedure & everything seems to be working well with great tasting coffee. ??
Reply · Report · Michael C on Feb 5, 2016
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Is the coffee as good, and as easy to make, as it is on the 741? on Jan 3, 2017
Best Answer: Hello!

Yes, the KBTS makes comparable coffee to the more classic 741 models. In fact, many prefer the new brew basket design over older models because of its adjustable flow rate. For half pots, you can slide it into the 'half moon' position, and you can even manually close-off the drip to manually pre-infuse.

Hope this helps!
Reply · Report · Joshua SStaff on Jan 4, 2017
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What is the water capacity for Moccamaster KBTS?
A shopper on Apr 2, 2015
Best Answer: 32oz
Reply · Report · Michele BStaff on Apr 3, 2015
· Add Answer · I Have This Question Too (0)
Can you give me a recommendation on the KBTS Technivorm vs the 1800 Bonavita.Will I experience any great difference in one vs the other? Thank you.
A shopper on Jan 14, 2015
Best Answer: Both brands will keep a very consistent temperature over the water so that you get the best flavor from your coffee. However, there are some differences in the features that they have, so it will really just matter on how you plan to use the machine. The KBTS offers a smaller water capacity than the other Technivorm models, at 32 ounces, and has the ability to stop the brew from dripping through by flipping a lever on the side of the brew basket so that you can pour a cup while it's mid-brew. The Bonavita will need to complete it's cycle before you can pour a cup, because the brew basket sits directly into the top of the carafe, and it has a 40 oz. capacity. Bonavita also notes that their thermal carafe will keep the coffee warm for up to an hour, whereas we've experienced a bit longer timeframe from Technivorm.

With any thermal carafe, just keep in mind that you will need to pre-warm the carafe with hot water before brewing into it, that way you don't loose temperature to the insulating layer of the thermal carafe, and have cooler coffee!
Reply · Report · Stephanie AStaff on Jan 14, 2015
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Is this brew basket compatible with the KBTS (which is sold with the other style brew basket with the manual control switch)?
A shopper on May 31, 2014
Technivorm Moccamaster Coffee Brewer KBTS - Polished Silver
Technivorm Moccamaster Coffee Brewer KBTS - Polished Silver
Technivorm Brew Basket with Auto Drip-Stop CD and GCS
Technivorm Brew Basket with Auto Drip-Stop CD and GCS
Best Answer: No, unfortunately the auto and manual drip stop brew baskets are not interchangeable, as their bottoms differ. The auto drip stop brew basket for CD and GCS models has a rectangular bottom while the manual drip stop brew basket for the KBT CDT KBTS and KB741 models has a circular bottom.
Reply · Report · Teri KStaff on Jun 2, 2014
· Add Answer · I Have This Question Too (0)
Is the part where the hot water goes to the coffee glass or plastic?
A shopper on Mar 6, 2014
Best Answer: The hot water reservoir on the Technivorm models we offer are plastic.
Reply · Report · Teri KStaff on Mar 6, 2014
· Add Answer · I Have This Question Too (0)
I've read the FAQ that states this product's plastic is BPA free. I am wondering if the plastic is also BPS free as well? Thank you.
A shopper on Jan 1, 2014
Best Answer: Unfortunately I have not found confirmation that Technivorm's products are BPS free.
Reply · Report · Teri KStaff on Jan 2, 2014
· Add Answer · I Have This Question Too (0)
Are all the plastic parts that come in contact with hot water and coffee bpa free?
Judy B on Oct 2, 2013
Best Answer: Yes, Technivorm has notified us that their plastic parts are BPA free, and I have included a link that Kat wrote below with a bit more info on BPA and these machines. Hope this helps!
Reply (1) · Report · Teri KStaff on Oct 3, 2013
· Add Answer · I Have This Question Too (0)
Are the plastic parts BPA free? Also, where is the unit manufactured?

Thank you!
Jennie on Jul 5, 2013
Best Answer: Yes, the Technivorm is BPA free, and is made in the Netherlands. I have pasted a blog by Kat concerning BPA below for reference:
Reply · Report · Teri KStaff on Jul 6, 2013
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Is it a glass lined or stainless steel lined karaf? On theTecnivorm.
A shopper on Jun 27, 2013
Best Answer: No, unfortunately the Technivrom thermal carafes are not glass lined.
Reply · Report · Teri KStaff on Jun 27, 2013
· Add Answer · I Have This Question Too (0)
I am looking at the various models of the Technivorm coffeemakers. Is there a capacity difference between the machines with the two styles of carafes? Also, does Seattle Coffee Gear include a gold filter with the purchase? Thank you - Dave
Dave H on Apr 23, 2012
Best Answer: There is not a capacity difference between the Technivorm carafe styles and we do currently include the gold filter with purchase.
Reply · Report · Kaylie KStaff on Apr 25, 2012
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Warranty Information for the Technivorm Moccamaster Coffee Maker

What it Covers:

Technivorm coffee makers

Length: 5 Years
Who Supports the Warranty: Technivorm USA
Warranty Contact Information: 1-855-662-2200
Eligible for SCG Extended Warranty? No
Can SCG Repair? No


Caring for your Technivorm Moccamaster Coffee Maker

For detailed care instructions, please refer to your machine's user manual. We recommend that you also incorporate the following into your cleaning routine:

  • Descale every 2 - 3 months. We recommend using Dezcal or Cleancaf for descaling
  • Clean the water tank and lid regularly
  • Soap out the inside of the kettle and brew basket on a regular basis. Use Cleancaf if necessary to remove an coffee stains or residue.

User Manuals for your Technivorm Moccamaster Coffee Maker

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The ABCs of BPA Plastics

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Technivorm and Temperature

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Outstanding cup Review by Keith
I am very pleased at the quality of the coffee the Moccamaster KBTS produces. I roast my own beans with the Behmor 1600+ so I always have fresh beans. I use 45g of med corse. coffee with 750ml water. I use Transcend Coffees method from YouTube for a nice smooth strong cup. (Posted on 3/26/2017)
Great ValueReview by Tapjunkie
I bought mine almost 12 years ago and it works great still! I do not brew every day, but I could have bought three machines over this past 12 years and not enjoyed the coffee as much. Brews HOT coffee and the thermal jug keeps coffee hot for at least a couple of hours. Expensive, sure, but worth the money. (Posted on 8/25/2016)
DisappointingReview by Jeff
The Technivorm is sold as "all that" ... it's not all that.

The water doesn't fully saturate the grounds. It takes manual intervention ... closing the basket and letting the water steep. (The mechanism to do this - the plastic on/off switch on the basket - is embarrassingly cheap.)

After that - you still have to rotate the basket in order to evenly saturate the grounds.

It may or may not be hot enough ... whether or not I cannot get a deep robust cup of coffee from the machine in spite of the manual interventions.

The result is - an ok, not great cup of coffee. . A huge, costly disappointment. (Posted on 8/24/2016)
Excellent MachineReview by john
This machine is amazing! I have never had coffee taste so good from a drip. It is simple to use, works as advertised, the coffee is hot, and extremely flavorful. No extra gadgets you don't need. It is designed to brew a quality cup of coffee which is why it has no timer to start a brew in the morning (stale grounds, bad water)

It even makes grocery store coffee taste decent.

I like how there are many parts that come apart, it makes it super easy to clean and if anything ever breaks you won't be spending 100+ on an entire assembly when only one small piece has broken.

I use 60 grams for a full pot in this machine, close the filter basket for the first 15 seconds of brewing, then stir for 15 seconds. At the 30 second mark, open the basket all the way, stir for 10-20 seconds at 1.5 min and at the end. Then make sure the grounds are level when the water stops running, wait for the rest of the water to drip out, and enjoy!

It takes 4.5-5 min to brew an entire pot, excellent machine, easy to use, great warranty, I really couldn't be happier!

Some complain about the price tag, but at the end of the day with the warranty (rumors are Technivorm is going to raise it to 10 years from the current 5 years) it is well worth the price, especially with the companies reputation of long lasting coffee makers!

Price 4/5 - I do think it could be a bit cheaper ~250.
Value 5/5 - because of the warranty
Quality 5/5 - solid construction, quality meets retro design!

A+ Technivorm! (Posted on 6/8/2016)
Worth the moneyReview by SCOTT
After entirely too much online research I replaced my old Keuring with a new Moccamaster KBTS. No regrets. Quiet, quick, easy to clean, carafe keeps the coffee hot for the wife who wakes up an hour after me and last, but not least, brews a great cup of coffee every time.

Worth the investment. (Posted on 7/9/2015)
No regets!Review by s.b.
After an embarassing amount of research, we decided to go for it and purchase the pricey Technivorm to replace an old Capresso machine. We started with a 10-cup glass carafe model from another retailer and quicky decided we are a Stainless Carafe family and also needed a coffee maker that could whip up a smaller batch of coffee that tasted equally good as a full pot - so the KBTS was our pick.

We are not dissapointed! From the very first pot to several less-than full pot trials since it arrived a few weeks ago - the coffee is HOT, DELCIOUS and CONSISTENT every time. We are picky about temperature because I sometimes am pouring a second cup an hour or two after I brewed it - suprisingly this thermal carafe keeps it plenty hot for me (I had thought I may need to transfer to another double-walled glass lined carafe to keep it hot enough - but we've retired that extra carafe since the arrival of this pot.

The folks at Seattle Coffee gear were super helpful in getting this item out to me from a store that had it in stock, answered several of my nerdy coffee questions and were a pleasure to deal with. (Posted on 2/6/2015)
the short version is perfect Review by huruta
I had the taller version technivorm KBT741 for 4 years and used it every day. The house we bought has low hanging cabinets and my tall technivorm wouldn't fit under them. I recently bought this shorter version and it fits perfectly under my cabinets. I even sold my 4-year old one for $150, so they definitely hold their value.

Though expensive, over time this coffee pot makes a reliable, stellar pot of coffee that pays off. I hardly ever buy coffee out, which makes this spendy purchase totally worthwhile. I love the design, simplicity, and quality. I can't recommend this coffee enough for stellar drip coffee. (Posted on 11/29/2014)
Some things to considerReview by Mr Coffee
This machine does two things better than any others - it heats the water to the right temperature very quickly and it gets that water over the coffee grounds at the right rate. The end result is perfectly brewed coffee. The quality of the materials and construction also stand out as superior to nearly every other machine out there and I suspect my machine will last longer than I will.

I bought the model with the shorter, 32-oz stainless steel carafe (KBTS), which is large enough for my wife and I, but if were to make the choice again, I'd probably go with a glass carafe model for a couple reasons.

The mid-brew interrupt switch on the filter basket of the KBTS is finicky - it's not easy to get it into the middle position where it drains more slowly and I'm not convinced that makes any difference to the final brew compared to the fully open position. It's also easy to not notice when the switch is set to the drip-stop position before starting a brew cycle, resulting in an overflow situation. Nearly all the other models have the newer design that automatically open the drip valve when the carafe is placed under the filter basket.

A stainless steel carafe is obviously more durable than glass, but I discovered one drawback. In order to keep the coffee hot, they suggest to preheat it by filling it with hot water first. I found that process time consuming and wasteful since it takes a while for the water to get hot in my faucet. The glass carafe models have a heating element that keeps the coffee hot during and after brewing to solve this problem. Some argue that this will scorch the coffee, but the way I see it is coffee starts to change flavor only a few minutes after brewing so it's best to drink it shortly after it's been brewed while it's fresh. If it's been sitting long enough to scorch, it's also been sitting long enough to change flavor anyway. The worst case scenario with a glass carafe is you break it, but SCG has a solution to that - they'll sell you a replacement. (Posted on 6/30/2014)
You won't regret this purchaseReview by MC
I am normally a tremendously practical person, so buying a nearly $300 coffee maker is not something I would normally do. However, I also really like great coffee and I had read the Cook's Illustrated article that recommended this, and I had received some money as a gift, so I thought I would go ahead and treat myself to something i would not normally buy. I am so glad I decided to purchase this! It makes coffee that rivals any coffee shop coffee I have had, and it does it fast! I cannot say enough good things about this machine- awesome coffee, looks cool, and the design seems very innovative. Coffee has been consistently great-perfect temperature, not bitter, and very flavorful. This was worth every penny. I was also very impressed with the service from Seattle Coffee Gear. They seem like a really good outfit. (Posted on 8/30/2013)
LOVE, LOVE, LOVE IT!Review by DeeDee
It does exactly what they say it does. It makes great coffee easily and quickly. It is easy to use, easy to clean. We make a full pot every morning and finish it in about 90 minutes. It stays hot till we pour the last drop. (Posted on 6/11/2013)
Just buy it!Review by Reebee
I have owned the technivorm kbts 8 cup brewer for a few years and it is still my best purchase ever. It brews really hot and really fast. The thermos carafe keeps it piping hot too. Invest in this coffee maker. B (Posted on 4/19/2013)
Altitude SicknessReview by Rocky Mountain High
The brewer works quickly and quietly. We live at 7,000 feet of elevation and like most appliances that are designed at sea level, this one does not perform as advertised at altitude. The water temperature is 186 degrees out of the drip arm. Other brands do have units specifically designed for higher altitude use. Live and learn. (Posted on 2/25/2013)
Love this machineReview by Mo
It seems as if we have followed every manufacturer's "promise" of a great cup of coffee. Never got promise until now. Love this machine!! Once we got our particular strength down, we have enjoyed every cup. Thanks Technivorm and thanks Seattle guys! We are happy, happy, happy. (Posted on 2/20/2013)
Great Tasting Coffee, Fast Brew, Stays Hot in the Carafe,Perfect SizeReview by Sue in San Diego
Love my new Moccamaster by Technivorm. The coffee is really hot, stays hot in the thermal carafe, and it's fast in brewing. I purchased the smaller unit because most of the time it's just me drinking coffee. Otherwise, I would have paid the extra $20 for the larger unit. But I love the size, it makes 2 large mugs of coffee and is a perfect fit under my overhead cabinets. I really struggled in deciding on a coffee maker but I am really happy that I spent the extra money and purchased this brand. Love it Love it Love it! What more can I say! (Posted on 2/18/2013)
my son purchased this last year as a household replacement-boy am I glad he did...the coffe is wonderful....if he ever leaves and takes this with him I will be replacing it for sure...easy to use and love the carafe... (Posted on 12/14/2012)
Great CoffeeReview by lehulahoop
My girlfriend and I typically do pour overs or drag out the la pavoni in the morning, but can be time consuming.

This machine will do just as good of a job as the Hario, but without having to hover over.

We love the size, its perfect for couples and takes very little counter space. This machine is very fast too. (Posted on 10/3/2012)
Answer to why coffee filter holder cloggReview by Philadelphia
Trying to answer as to why coffee filter mY be getting clogged. Once we used the paper filter it did not do so. Cannot use just gold filter included.

Quiet, Commercial Grade, Great Taste, Quick Brewing

Small Water Container (Posted on 1/24/2012)
Makes great coffee!Review by Coffeeholic
This thing makes great hot coffee. I spent the extra money to get a machine that heats the water enough to brew the best coffee. I had used a Cuisinart for years but the coffee never seemed to brewed as well as in the coffee shop. With the Technivorm I get coffee that is comparable to any good coffee shop brew. I love the control on the filter that allows you to stop the flow through of water to bloom the grounds. After a minute I then open the flow gradually to keep the water flow slow through the grounds. I take the filter cover off when brewing and rotate the filter holder as the water starts to come out to fully saturate the grounds, then open the flow slowly. I know all this sounds fussy but what a difference in the coffee. You could just set the flow on slow and not do all the other stuff and still get great coffee, but I'm retired and what else do I have to do for an extra minute in the morning. I bought the 8 cup model and I usually brew about 4 cups at a time. If you brew 6-8 cups at a time it makes even stronger coffee. I use one scoop (supplied with the machine) per 2 cups (as marked on the machine). Note the cups on this machine are 4 Oz not 5 Oz like American machines. I use a #4 filter in the gold filter basket supplied by the Seattle coffee folks. My only gripe is the difficulty in cleaning the carafe. It has a small opening and there is no way to get inside to wipe it down. They put a flyer inside it from the factory and you need tweezers to get it out. Since the pad for the carafe is not heated, I just put my cup under the filter instead. I clean mine regularly with some white vinegar to keep the bubble spout clear. Other than the carafe I would say the rest of the parts are very easy to clean in the sink. If you want good, hot coffee this is the machine for you.

Great Taste, Easy To Clean, Easy To Use, Quick Brewing

Carafe is hard to clean (Posted on 12/22/2011)
No More Drinking Tepid DishwaterReview by George
I bought this device on impulse when I saw an open box return on sale. It amounts to a Melita cone holder with a hot water percolator attached, plus a vacuum-insulated jug. It supplies 200-degree water quickly to the coffee cone, extracting all the good stuff from the grounds quickly and without bitterness. The product remains steaming hot in a preheated jug for four hours. It's at its best drunk straight away, of course, but remains palatable for a surprisingly long time because it's not cooked continuously on a hotplate. That's how any drip coffeemaker on the market should work of course, but doesn't because it's [*] that delivers water slowly at 180 degrees from an undersized heating element that will break in a year, while distracting you from the fact you're drinking swill with timers, beepers, blinking lights, and superfluous buttons. Random observations:-Brew time is fast, which makes for better coffee. -There is a float switch in the water reservoir that turns off the element once the reservoir is emptied.-There is a switch button to stop brewing if the jug is not in place.-Use filtered water.-I grind using a Capresso conical burr grinder set on the second-finest Fine setting. -I have used Peet's "Major Dickason" blend, Velton's drip blend, and grocery store premium bulk coffees. ANY basically decent bean you brew with this machine will produce coffee superior to the fanciest beans you brew in other drip machines, for the reasons previously discussed. -The machine brews 48 ounces. We bought an extra jug, to serve both regular and decaf when entertaining. There is a bigger model as well.-Criticisms: The base for the jug is an afterthought on this machine and detaches when you move the machine. The flow adjustment on the cone does nothing as far as I can tell, so the cone must stop dripping before you remove the jug, or you need to place a cup under the cone to catch the last few drips after brewing.

Durable, Quick Brewing, Easy To Use, Easy To Clean, Great Taste, Quiet, Simple

Expensive (Posted on 8/18/2011)
"Don't Procrastinate!"Review by BikeRow
Fast brewing of delicious, hot coffee. You won't be sorry that you took the plunge and spent the money on this drip machine. Simplicity in design and function!


(Posted on 8/4/2011)
Best Coffee Machine EverReview by mecrr the Trainman
I roast my own coffee and this machine is the first to bring out the true flavors of the different roasts. Wish I found this machine sooner as the cumulative cost of all the machines I have bought and had fail, far exceeds the cost of this machine. It is more than worth the money it costs.

Easy To Use, Eye catching, Great Taste, Large Water Container, Quick Brewing, Easy To Clean

None found (Posted on 2/16/2011)
I would buy this product again and againReview by Ellie
I like coffee and I drink it every day.This is THE COFFEE MAKER, that gives me the best tasting coffee and it is easy to use, easy to clean. And I like the thermal carafe - keeps my coffee fresh and hot for a long time.

Easy To Use, Quick Brewing, Easy To Clean, Great Taste

(Posted on 6/6/2010)

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