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Do you own a coffee shop or manage a child-owned lemonade stand and are looking to diversify? Meet the Toddy Cold Brew System! Consisting of a 5 gallon BPA free container with spout, reusable mesh strainer and multiple disposable filters and ties. This electricity free coffee maker works it's magic overnight while you catch some much deserved sleep.

How the Toddy Cold Brew Commercial System Works:

  1. Add Ground Coffee: Simply place the reusable strainer and disposable filter into the brewing container and add 5 pounds of your (or your customer's) favorite ground coffee to the disposable filter.
  2. Saturate the Grounds: Add approximately 5.6 liters (around 1.5 gallons) of cool water to the coffee grounds and fully saturate. Tie the filter bag closed at approximately 3 inches from the top of the bag. This will leave plenty of room for the coffee grounds to move and shift around a bit. Beware: tying the bag too tight may result in dry pockets that will substantially weaken the concentrate.
  3. More Water!: Add 5.6 liters of water to the brewing container.
  4. Optional Step: Gently massage the grounds through the strainer to make sure all the grounds are fully saturated.
  5. Cover and Wait: Cover the brewing container with the lid and let it "brew" for 8 - 16 hours.
  • Simple System - The Toddy commercial system is simple, yet ingenious. Without having to purchase a pricey machine, this system brews gallons of cold-brew concentrate overnight. Quite impressive!
  • Lots-o-Coffee! - This simple commercial system not only makes high quality coffee concentrate, but it also makes a lot of it! If you follow Toddy's instructions this system will yield approximately 2.5 gallons of coffee concentrate. Dilute with water according to taste and you're in business!
  • Tea Time - While we were unable to try our hand at Toddy tea making, Toddy's instructions indicate this system will also make tea concentrate. What better way to brew large amounts of southern sweet tea?
  • No Frills - While this system "brews" amazing cold brew concentrate, it's definitely lacking aesthetic appeal. Luckily, there is no reason to keep watch over this "brewer" as it completes its cycle overnight and never needs to be seen by customers.
Height 15.50 inches
Width 12.00 inches
Depth 12.50 inches (including the spout)


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How many filters does this commercial set come with?
A shopper on Jan 12, 2015
I thought that I read that the commercial Toddy strainer is good for 50 uses. Do you sell replacement strainers and how much are they? Thank you.
Ed N on Dec 28, 2014
Best Answer: With the commercial version, the filters are an easy, single use filter, so that it can be easily tossed. We carry them in a pack of 50, and you can find them here.
Reply (1) · Report · Stephanie AStaff on Dec 28, 2014
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in the 1950s and '60's we got in Brazil a cold coffee system, and I wonder if you could recommend what product comes closest to this?
You put in 1 pound of regular (coarse) grind coffee at least overnight.
This was so concentrated, one shot of coffee would be added to one cup, and you will fill it the rest of the way with hot water. (before microwaves)

This made a VERY smooth cup of coffee. quite good, although at times you would want the texture of regular coffee or espresso, so we did not do it all the time. But of course it was far better than the instant coffee that was the competition, and often as good, although different, than fresh made coffee.

Which of your systems comes closest to this, and matches the one shot per cup ratio? Ideally one no larger than for one pound of coffee.

thanks !
Jay P on Oct 13, 2015
Toddy Cold Brew System - Commercial Model
Toddy Cold Brew System - Commercial Model
Primula Cold Brew Bottle On the Go
Primula Cold Brew Bottle On the Go
Hario Cold Brew Pot
Hario Cold Brew Pot
OXO Cold Brew Coffee Maker
OXO Cold Brew Coffee Maker
Best Answer: I'm not familiar with the Brazil that you used to have, but for cold brew coffee that you would let steep overnight, and would get a rather thick/strong concentrate like it sounds like you're looking for, you can look into the Toddy or the Oxo Cold Brew. Both will make that concentrated coffee. The Primula does make cold brew, but the ratios are different, so essentially it makes a cold brewed coffee that doesn't need dilution, and the Hario Cold Brew pot is somewhere in-between. The Toddy and Oxo will both make the right ratio and concentrate that it sounds like you'd like.
Reply · Report · Miranda GStaff on Dec 9, 2015
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Does it brew at room temp or does it have to be refrigerated while brewing? And is bacterial growth a factor? If so, is it impacted by temperature and humidity? Can partial batches be made? If so, what is the minimum amount of concentrate? How long does the concentrate stay fresh? Are the commercial filters single use? Is there info available on maintenance and cleaning? Thank you.
Ed N on Dec 20, 2014
Toddy Cold Brew System - Commercial Model
Toddy Cold Brew System - Commercial Model
Toddy Replacement Filters
Toddy Replacement Filters
Best Answer: You can certainly brew at room temperature or in the fridge, depending on your preference. If using the commercial sized brewer, likely you won't have room in the fridge! Bacterial growth is not a factor, because you will just have room temperature water and ground coffee being mixed together, for 12-24 hours. After that point, just remove the filter bag with the coffee and discard, and the brewed coffee is good for up to a month (but it probably won't last that long since it's so yummy!). If storing for a longer period of time, it should be in the fridge, so that you don't have concerns over the quality.

While you certainly could make partial batches, you will want to experiment with the amount of water to grounds ratio, to find your preferred flavor. If you're more interested in partial or small batches, you may want to consider the home line since it will have a more compact footprint too.

The filters that we carry for the commercial system are single use, they are just a filter that you will put the grounds into, then tie off the end with a rubber band or something similar, so that it can float/saturate in the water as it brews.

For cleaning, simply hot soap and water, and a scrubbing/wipe down are all that's necessary.
Reply · Report · Stephanie AStaff on Feb 14, 2015
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What is the commercial lid diameter? I can't seem to locate a replacement lid of the right size.
Sheri B on Aug 10, 2015
Best Answer: 12 and 3/8 inches
Reply (1) · Report · Michele BStaff on Aug 11, 2015
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Is the toddy dishwasher safe?
Jake S on Jul 8, 2017
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