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Espresso Machine and Coffee Maker Accessories

Brewing great coffee or pulling that perfect shot of crema starts with a great machine, perfectly roasted beans and pure water, but - as with all great things - the devil's in the details. That's where accessories from Seattle Coffee Gear come in!

Need a cup to hold your cuppa? A tamper to pat down your grounds? Or maybe you just need the collection of canisters it'll take to store your growing caffeine obsession? We have everything you need to complement your style of coffee consumption, right down to the best in cleaning products for whatever machine or system you have.

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  1. Mason Jar Shot Glasses - Pack of 4

    Mason Jar Shot Glasses

    Add a little southern charm to your shot glass collection with this set of four mini Mason jar shot glasses. Measuring in at 2 ounces below the threaded lip, these glasses are perfect for everyday espresso shots or simply serving tasters at a party! Learn More
  2. Update Measured Shot Glass

    Update Measured Shot Glass

    Don't leave the important things to chance! Measure out your morning espresso with Update International's Measured Shot Glass. This easy to read shot glass includes three clearly marked graduated lines that measure in ounce or liter. Learn More
  3. Heavy Shot Glasses with Line 1.25 oz - Set of 2

    Heavy Shot Glasses with Line 1.25 oz - Set of 2

    Heavy shot glass with line allows you to monitor your shots for crema, speed and volume, ensuring a consistently superior product. Learn More
  4. Bodum Pavina Shot Glass - 2 oz - Set of Two

    Bodum Pavina Shot Glass - 2 ounces - Set of Two

    The set of two short Bodum Pavina shot glasses allow you to see every drop of espresso extracted. The pleasing shape and crystal clear glass show off your perfect shot to the maximum. Comfortable in your hand and easy to sip from, these glasses are good for hot or cold shots. Crafted of a strong but lightweight borosilicate glass, these glasses are both dishwasher and microwave safe, and can be placed on any surface without a coaster. Learn More
  5. concept-art Shot Glass

    concept-art Shot Glass

    Not just the boozy kind of shot glass! The concept-art Shot Glass is great when it comes to espresso making because it won't leave you guessing about how many ounces is in a single, double or ristretto shot. Marked with dashes, ounces and type of shot you're pulling for every kind of espresso. You'll feel like you've extracted that ideal espresso shot every time --quantitatively and qualitatively! Learn More
  6. Rattleware Espresso Shot Pitcher 3 oz - Set of Two

    Rattleware Espresso Shot Pitcher - 3 ounce - Set of 2

    Keep your pours precise and your espresso making measured with the help of these glass pitchers. The heavy glass shot pitchers each feature a handle and two pour spouts. Graduated marks read in ounces and milliliters, with ounces measured at every 1/2 ounce increment and milliliters are marked at every 10ml. Learn More

    Back in stock on 9/20/2014

  7. Heavy Shot Glass with Line 1.5 oz - Set of 2

    Heavy Shot Glass with Line 1.5 oz - Set of 2

    Marked at 1 ounce, it holds 1.5 ounces to the rim. Learn More

    Back in stock on 9/20/2014

  8. Brew Pitcher 3 ounce stainless steel

    Brew Pitcher - 3 ounce

    A safer alternative to shot glasses, this 3 ounce Brew Pitcher is shatterproof and the handle will protect your fingers from the heat of freshly brewed espresso shots. It also makes pouring shots into a cup easier. Learn More

    Back in stock on 9/16/2014

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