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AeroPress Go Travel Coffee Maker

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Special Price $35.96 Regular Price $39.95
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Take craft coffee everywhere you go with the Aeropress Go portable coffee maker! Built to travel, the Aeropress Go squeezes into a compact 4x5 cube that can fit in almost any bag or suitcase. Packed inside its own cup comes (almost) everything you need to brew—press, filters, scoop and stirrer. All you need is a source for hot water and your minutes away from a fresh cup of concentrated coffee. Better, the Aeropress Go is made in the USA and comes with 350 filters to get you started.

  • Press and Brew: The Aeropress' claim to fame is its unique pressurized brew chamber that offers a faster extraction than regular brewers.
  • Brew Concentrate: The Aeropress Go's brew design lets you add more coffee for each brew, giving you a coffee concentrate to drink on its own or dilute with water for a larger cup.
  • Compact: The Go's compact design saves valuable space in your bag when you're on the go.
  • Accessories: Packed in its diminutive cup comes your Aeropress Go, a travel filter holder, 13-gram scoop, folding stirrer, and 350 filters to get you started.
    • Pros
      • Smaller Size: An inch shorter and a quarter inch narrower than a classic aeropress, the Go is even easier to take on the road.
      • Grippy Lid: The red silicon travel lid features a textured outer finish that offers grip on smooth surfaces for pressing.
    • Cons
      • Cup Cleaning: The outer body/cup combo of the Aeropress Go has these outer ridges (for heat) that are difficult to clean—especially for camping purposes.
  • Tips and Tricks
    Pro tip: If you're measuring out beans to brew with on the Aeropress Go, the top cap holds roughly 1 brew's worth of whole beans!

About AeroPress

If you’re looking for a way to brew rich, delicious coffee in matter of seconds from virtually anywhere, the AeroPress portable coffee maker is the perfect solution for you. An industry favorite for well over a decade, this all-in-one coffee system utilizes a portable, pressurized chamber to brew great-tasting coffee incredibly quickly. Great for backpackers, travelers, or anyone looking for a great cup on the go, the AeroPress is truly a revolution in coffee brewing. Here at Seattle Coffee Gear, we are proud to carry the AeroPress portable coffee maker and micro-filters.

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