Miele is a one of our longstanding brands that we really love for home superautomatic espresso machines. They have consistently delivered really high quality superautos with a great mix of features, and it makes them very easy to recommend. We're excited to launch a whole new updated line of superautos from Miele, and we wanted to give you an overview of what's changed with these new offerings!

CM5310 Silence

The CM5310 Silence is the most affordable option in Miele's new lineup of superautos, but that doesn't mean it's lacking features. This machine retains features like the 2x brew option, coffee pot brewing, one touch milk drinks, drink programming, and automated cleaning from the previous CM5300 models. All of these features combine for a great user experience with a lot of flexibility and convenience. The newest element of the CM5310 is its new quieter grinder. Designed with new burrs, this machine is definitely more silent than many other superautos. It's a great update, as noise level is definitely one of the things we'd love to see improved across different superauto brands. It all makes the CM5310 a solid update to the existing 5300s.

CM6160 and CM6360

These two models of Miele are similar enough to talk about together, but do offer distinct differences. The CM6160 offers classic CM6000 series features like all of what the 5300 offered, plus a dedicated hot water spout, and brewing area lighting, and user profiles. This new offering also includes the quieter burrs found in the 5310, and increased milk texture and temperature programmability. The CM6360 builds on the 6160 with double the user profiles, an active cup warmer, and a redesigned glass milk carafe for use with the steaming system. These new features really go a long way towards making this update really feel worthwhile and more than just a visual refresh. Both machines are great successors to the previous CM6000 models!


The CM7750 is the true new machine in Miele's lineup. The first thing you'll notice is the new look of this machine. It's similar to other Miele machines, but has a distinct, almost monolithic look that gets across how very premium it is. The other thing you'll notice is a lack of buttons. Unlike other Miele machines, this one is controlled with a color touch screen, making navigating its brew options easier than ever. With 10 user profiles, 20+ drink recipes, and extensive drink customization you'll get a lot of control over your drinks with this interface. This is helped by the CM7750's three bean hoppers. This gives you the option to mix and match different roasts for the whole household, and is a fantastic feature for those homes with decaf and regular coffee drinkers.

All of this said, it's the CM7750's cleaning options that really put it over the top. With all of the automatic cleaning of other Miele models, this machine also runs its own descale program using a built in cartridge. This automated descaling takes the last bit of effort out of maintaining the machine. All you have to do is the occasional cleaning of things like the drip tray, waste bin, and brew unit that the machine can't automate. Overall, it's a really incredible machine that offers a compelling list of features that are very hard to compete with. We know you'll love it too!