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12 Days of Coffee: Espresso Republic - Cabin Fever Blend

12 Days of Coffee: Espresso Republic - Cabin Fever Blend

It's winter time. And sure, it's beautiful what with the changing weather and such. But as the weather worsens, that every present fear of getting stuck inside looms - cabin fever. Breaking free might feel like your only solution - but may we offer an alternate option? Espresso Republic's Cabin Fever Blend! Forego the maddening flee from the indoors and embrace the warm comfort of the cabin with this delicious holiday blend!

We're excited to spend twelve days of the month highlighting delicious coffees coming from roasters near and far. All of which are available in the holiday blends section of our website! Reach for a mug and pour yourself a little holiday cheer with your coffee!

Espresso Republic: Cabin Fever Blend

A little background on the blend from the Espresso Republic team...

A phenomenal fall and winter blend from Costa Rica & Guatemala featuring notes of milk chocolate, caramel, and warm spices. It is best served with a Chemed to share with loved ones or even a French press for those who enjoy a fuller body in cooler weather; in a cabin high up in the mountains; wrapped in fleece blankets. Who needs hot cocoa? To the curious Chemex home brewer: 1:14.8 (48g coffee : 710g water) Water to coffee ratio is our ideal! Brew guides are also available at espressorepublic.com/education/brewing-guides

"Holiday Light"-ning Q+A Round answered by their crew...

Eggnog or Hot Chocolate? Who needs eggnog when you can spike hot chocolate! Favorite Christmas Movie? A Christmas Story Artificial or Real Tree? Artificial because real trees die and are annoying to take care of after Weirdest Gift Ever Received? Fruit Cake Favorite Holiday Tradition? English Christmas Crackers - when everyone wears the paper crown and reads the jokes (inside them) around the table

New & Exciting things coming from Espresso Republic...

The return of our seasonal espresso for the spring time: The Illumination Espresso featuring notes of stone fruit, citrus, and vanilla bean!

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