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12 Days of Coffee: Huckleberry Roasters - Sister Winter

12 Days of Coffee: Huckleberry Roasters - Sister Winter

There's no doubt about it, the holidays can be a stressful time. Get anybody in a room together who have their own differing perspectives and opinions and the possibility of a Christmas themed cage match increase exponentially. Don't let the coffee you serve divide your family! Our friends from Huckleberry Roaster in Denver, CO have taken it upon themselves to craft the perfect uniting holiday blend - Sister Winter. Drop the sibling rivalries and embrace the love over a cup of tasty brew!

We're excited to spend twelve days of the month highlighting delicious coffees coming from roasters near and far. All of which are available in the holiday blends section of our website! Reach for a mug and pour yourself a little holiday cheer with your coffee!

Huckleberry Roasters: Sister Winter

A little background on the blend from the Huckleberry team...

Our annual Sister Winter Holiday Blend gets released as the temperatures begin to drop, the sun fades away earlier and the desire to hunker down with family & friends takes over our souls. Since we hope Sister Winter is shared and enjoyed by the whole family, we roast & blend it intentionally to be a crowd pleaser -- something that a grumpy uncle recovering from too much mulled wine the previous and your 22 year cousin with a brand new barista job can bond over, and enjoy together. Sister Winter is a blend of two of our favorite coffees from Guatemala (Dona Lucinda from Lake Atitlan) and Ethiopia (a natural processed coffee from Guji, Sidama). It tastes of sweet chocolate, a little sweet & spice and an underlying layer of fruitcake - but the kind of fruitcake that you actually want to eat.

"Holiday Light"-ning Q+A Round answered by their crew...

What is your favorite holiday treat? I'm a Dutch kid (Hup, Holland, Hup!), so I'm partial to these amazing winter/holiday treats called Oliebollen, which are sort of like Dutch donuts, but translates to "fried balls of dough with powdered sugar". I'll allow you to wipe of the drool now. What are your thoughts on Pumpkin spice? I don't do it often, but when i do it's spectacular. btw, what did pumpkin spice do to deserve all the hate it gets?! Favorite winter activity? Play in snow with my family and then reward ourselves make boozy warm drinks (for the adults, not the kids!). Favorite Holiday scent? If i could live semi-permanent fog of mulled wine aroma's, i'd be happy. and probably a little tipsy. Caroling or sleigh riding? Caroling with nathaniel rateliff and friends at annual top-secret holiday shows (how about that for street cred!?)

Huckleberry Roaster's big plans for 2018...

DAIRY BLOCK! New cafe alert! New cafe alert! It's going to big, it's going to be radical, it's going to be delicious! Come visit us in downtown Denver!

Click here to buy Huckleberry Roaster's Sister Winter!

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