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12 Days of Coffee: Kickapoo Coffee Roasters - Revelry Holiday Blend

Dec 8, 2017 · coffee · coffee love · holiday blends
12 Days of Coffee: Kickapoo Coffee Roasters - Revelry Holiday Blend

Even Ebenezer Scrooge couldn't deny it, there's just something magical about this time of the year. Memories of snowball fights and holiday caroling, visiting friends and family you see only a few times every year, and weird food like fruitcake characterize this special season. Our friends at Kickapoo Coffee Roasters perfectly captured the wonder of the holidays with their holiday blend Revelry. We're excited to spend twelve days of the month highlighting delicious coffees coming from roasters near and far, all of which are available in the holiday blends section of our website! Reach for a mug and pour yourself a little holiday cheer with your coffee!

Kickapoo Coffee Roasters: Revelry Holiday Blend

A little background on the blend from the Kickapoo team...

Our Organic Revelry Holiday Blend is a combination of both washed and natural process Ethiopian Coffees. The sweet black current/plum fruit profile of the natural processed coffee from Hailu Butiya is balanced well by the bright lime and floral characteristics of the washed Limu Kossa. This is a coffee you’ll want to show off to your holiday guests, while trying to save as much as you can for yourself to brew later.

"Holiday Light"-ning Q+A Round answered by their crew...

What are your favorite holiday treats? Our hometown of Viroqua, WI has a large Amish community. During the holidays, they make a buttery nutty cashew brittle called “Cashew Crunch.” We pick some up for the roastery each year, and it never lasts long. What is your favorite holiday scent? The smell that hits you as you walk into a warm home where the host has been cooking all day. Do you prefer hot chocolate or Egg Nog? Hot Chocolate. Maybe throw in a little cayenne in there. What is your favorite thing about winter? Winter hikes in the Kickapoo Valley Reserve – a beautiful natural preserve that is our company’s namesake. There are miles of trails that have hidden ice caves throughout. What are your favorite winter activities? Sledding, snuggling, cooking, reading, sauna. Gift-wrap or gift bags? Gift wrap. What am I, a monster? Bows or curly ribbon? Both. Steady lights or twinkling? Twinkle. Real tree or artificial? I appreciate a real tree, though my family has a tradition of putting up the same old artificial tree year after year and then writing a recap of our year right on the box the tree came in. The history of our family is recorded on that cardboard box. Presents on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day? Open one present on Christmas Eve from family. Then put cookies out on the fireplace and reindeer food on the lawn. If you’re good to go to bed early, SANTA WILL COME. Open the rest of the presents Christmas Day.

Kickapoo Coffee Roasters' big plans for 2018...

We will be rolling out our “raise the bar campaign” that will provide more resources for customers looking to learn more about our ongoing efforts to increase farmer compensation. We will also be the “roaster in residency” at the La Marzocco café in Seattle Janurary of 2018, an opportunity we are really looking forward to!

Click here to buy Kickapoo Coffee Roasters' Revelry Holiday Blend!

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