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12 Days of Coffee: Toby's Estate Coffee - Miracle on N. 6th St.

12 Days of Coffee: Toby's Estate Coffee - Miracle on N. 6th St.

Let's just face it- delivering gifts to people all over the world is tough work. From packing the gifts into the sled, tending to the reindeer, sliding down chimneys, and slyly maneuvering from house to house - Santa's got his work cut out for him. Not to mention, the amount of cookies and milk he's consuming every Christmas Eve can't be great for keeping his energy up. So when you depend on Santa, Santa depends on Toby's Estate Coffee's Miracle on N. 6th Street. We're excited to spend twelve days of the month highlighting delicious coffees coming from roasters near and far, all of which are available in the holiday blends section of our website! Reach for a mug and pour yourself a little holiday cheer with your coffee!

Toby's Estate Coffee: Miracle on N. 6th St.

A little background on the blend from the Toby's team...

Just in time for sweater weather, our holiday blend Miracle on N. 6th St. has arrived. This coffee is beautifully balanced with components from Ethiopia, Guatemala and Honduras. Notes of orange, cinnamon and red wine have created something truly magical. The Miracle brews beautifully as either filter or espresso.

"Holiday Light"-ning Q+A Round answered by their crew...

What are your favorite holiday treats? We’re really loving our new pumpkin loaf - spiced pumpkin, pepitas, topped with powdered sugar! It’s delicious. Do you prefer hot chocolate or Egg Nog? Hot chocolate What are your favorite Christmas traditions? Every year, we close the Brooklyn cafe a little early to trim the tree and decorate our Williamsburg store. And blast the holiday tunes of course. What is your favorite Christmas movie? Well, Miracle on 34th Street! What new recipe would you like to try this season? The Mulled Spice Latte — cozy up this holiday season with a Mulled Spiced Latte. Our house-made cranberry syrup adds just a touch of sweetness and fireside warmth to ease the chill. White lights or colored? Split Gift-wrap or gift bags? gift-wrap Bows or curly ribbon? curly ribbon Steady lights or twinkling? Steady lights Angel or star tree-topper? Angel Long needles or short? Short Caroling or sleigh riding? Caroling Presents on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day? Split!

Toby's Estates big plans for 2018 answered by their Green Coffee Buyer, Jonathan Withers...

  • We’re super excited for the return of more fresh-harvest, single-origin offerings: Faldón, Moritas, Worka Sakaro, Santa Terasa 2000.
  • New relationships in Ethiopia coming out of the brand new Ethiopia Commodity Exchange rules allowing real transparency for the first time in a decade. This also allows the ability to source private washing station favorites (like Gora Kone) without the huge risk previously required.
  • We’re so proud of our new espresso blend, Elevate. This profile has been a big hit with our wholesale customers and we’re excited to bring onboard more and more on this experimental ride. We hope to have three versions of Elevate with a rotating single origin focus.
  • We’re planning on offering more delicious seasonal drinks on our bars — inspired by the flavor of the base ingredient, coffee.

Click here to buy Toby's Estate Coffee's Miracle on N. 6th St.!

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