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Coffee Trivia To Stump Your Friends and Family!

Dec 9, 2020
Coffee Trivia To Stump Your Friends and Family!

We know that trying to gather remotely makes this a challenging holiday season for a lot of folks. Thanks to group video chats we can at least gather virtually, but it’s hard to share food and drinks around a fire or physically exchange gifts. To add a bit of coffee flavored fun to your video calls we have collected some fun coffee themed trivia! We hope you get a bit of joy out of sharing these facts or making them into a caffeinated guessing game this holiday.

  • Where and how was coffee discovered?
    • Legend has it that people in Ethiopia first noticed erratic behavior from goats who had eaten raw coffee beans!
  • How many cups of coffee does the world consume per day?
    • Around 2.3 billion!
  • What makes espresso different from coffee?
    • It’s all about the brew. Espresso is just coffee brewed at a higher ratio of coffee to water (1:2 instead of 1:16) and at about 9 BAR of pressure.
  • Which U.S. President was so careful about his coffee that he watched it brew himself?
    • Franklin Roosevelt.
  • When did coffee arrive in America?
    • The British brought coffee to the American colonies sometime in the mid 17th century.
  • How did Pope Clement VIII allegedly contribute to the spread of coffee in Europe?
    • He was the first pope to drink coffee, and blessed it, ending the church’s ban on and disapproval of the beverage.
  • How many different varieties of coffee plants are there?
    • There are over 100 different coffee plant species!
  • How many countries produce coffee?
    • Approximately 70 different countries produce coffee!
  • What historical event led to coffee’s popularity in America?
    • The Boston Tea Party! After this event, coffee steadily rose in popularity as a function of tea’s declining popularity.
  • When and where was the first coffee shop opened?
    • It’s believed that the first coffee shop opened in Constantinople in the mid 16th century.
  • What’s the ideal temperature for brewing hot coffee?
    • 195-205 degrees fahrenheit.
  • How many different brew methods exist for coffee?
    • Over 10 popular brew methods exist, with many more regional ways around the world.
  • What’s “third wave” coffee?
    • Third wave coffee roasting refers to the current method of coffee roasting where the roasters treat coffee as an artisanal ingredient. The “third wave” wording was inspired by the three waves of feminism.
We hope you’ve enjoyed these fun coffee facts!

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