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Roast of the Month: Camber's Peru Eli Espinoza

May 17, 2021 · coffee · culture · news · roast of the month
Roast of the Month: Camber's Peru Eli Espinoza

It’s time once again for our Roast of the Month! This month we’re featuring Peru Eli Espinoza from Camber! This is a delicious roast with a great story, and we’re excited to feature it.

The Story

Eli Espinoza’s story is one of passion and perseverance. It’s also a story shared by many coffee farmers, be they in their earliest stages of their careers, or seasoned veterans. When Eli arrived in the Cajamarca region of Peru as a young man, he started working as a picker on a coffee farm. After years of learning the craft and saving diligently, Eli was able to purchase his own home and farmland. Eli then spent time further dialing in the practice of farming coffee, and eventually was able to purchase equipment to process his coffee on site. This allows him to work directly with exporters and roasters to sell his excellent annual crop. This dedication led to Eli taking 8th place in Peru’s cup of excellence for 2020, an impressive achievement given the quality of coffee coming from the country. We always love to hear about these kinds of stories because they show how personal coffee is for the people producing it. It’s not just Eli’s accolades and wonderful story that inspired us with this coffee though, it’s the cup itself as well!

The Coffee

This coffee is medium-light, like much of Camber’s single origin offering. It’s got a great aroma and looks pretty typical for a coffee of this roast level. This particular coffee was wash processed, so it’s not too overpowering. In the cup you’ll notice flavors of lime, baking spice, orange blossom, strawberry, plum, and brown sugar. It makes for a full flavored, just sweet enough coffee that reminds us of warm evenings with a tasty meal and good company. This is one of those great coffees to try if you’re new to specialty coffee because it’s not too strong. Instead, its flavors are present but mild enough for any palate. As always, you can tweak your brewing recipe to get the most out of this single origin. We enjoy it in a variety of methods, but especially for drip brewing and pour over. It’s also a great coffee for serving to friends or family because it's just mild enough to not overpower your guests’ taste buds while offering enough flavor to be interesting. Don’t miss this excellent roast, grab a bag of Peru Eli Espinoza today!

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