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Coffee on the Go!

Jun 7, 2021 · coffee · cold brew · press · travel
Coffee on the Go!

One of our favorite things about visiting a new place is trying out their coffee. With that said, you might rather take your own coffee on the go. Here’s a few ways to do just that!

AeroPress Go + Hario Skerton

The AeroPress is a beloved brewer that has been compact for years. This press uses microfilters to help filter out some of the grit that can form with a traditional press. On the other hand, it is still a simple, portable way to get your morning cup. The AeroPress Go adds even more portability by compacting the kit and coming in a storage cup that can double as your drink cup! When paired with a Hario Skerton hand grinder you can really get your coffee going without needing a whole brewer. All you need for this combo is to add hot water. If you’re on the road, most hotel rooms will have some way to get some boiling water, you can leave that water off boil for a minute or so to keep it from scorching the coffee. If you’re out in nature you can use a kettle and a campfire and the same amount of time. Regardless, while this method may lead to a little extra work, it's well worth it for that fantastic morning cup.

Primula Cold Brew Bottle

Making cold brew is a pretty simple process. First, you grind some coffee coarsely, next you immerse it in water, and then you let it set for a while. The big variables are your dose and how long you let the coffee sit. If you’re brewing cold brew to drink on the go, one of the more convenient ways to do it is with a cold brew bottle from Primula! This isn’t the only cold brewer that uses this concept, but it is quite convenient. We love brewers like this because you can take the coffee grounds out without having to transfer the coffee to another container. You can even prep the brew while you’re out and about whether it's on a road trip or camping trip. You can pre-grind your coffee at home for this or pair it with a hand grinder like the one above. You may also be surprised to know that you don’t HAVE to refrigerate your cold brew. While it does make it, well, colder, you can brew at room temperature and then drink it, refrigeration just affects the flavor and keeps it fresh for longer. If you’re planning on drinking it quickly you can definitely brew in the bottle at room temperature overnight at the campground and have some great brew or concentrate to enjoy the next day.


These are just a couple of ideas for brewing on the go. We’d love to hear how you spruce up a hotel room coffee or get your pour over on around the campfire too!

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