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Introducing Boon Boona Coffee Roasters!

Jul 7, 2021 · coffee · culture · news
Introducing Boon Boona Coffee Roasters!

We’re excited to welcome another wonderful roaster to Seattle Coffee Gear: Boon Boona Coffee! Boon Boona celebrates the East African coffee tradition through working with partners from the region and roasting delicious coffee in accordance with those traditions. Let’s talk a little bit about their history, then take a look at their blends.


Boon Boona was started by Efrem Fesaha after he visited Asmara Eritrea in Eastern Africa in 2011. Efrem’s Eritrean family had already instilled an interest in Eritrian and Ethiopian coffee traditions, but the trip inspired him to set out on his own coffee career journey. His initial plan involved starting a cafe focused on serving East African coffee, but after denials for business loans from banks he pivoted to sourcing green coffee from the region. After developing a successful business selling green coffee from East Africa, Efrem’s friends suggested that he begin roasting coffee and selling that as well. Over the next two years he honed his roasting techniques and eventually opened Boon Boona Roastery and Cafe. Now Boon Boona enjoys sustainable partnerships with producers in places like Ethiopia, Rwanda, Burundi, Kenya, and more. The roaster also focuses on working with women-owned farms, which helps the development of a more equitable, diverse coffee growing community in East Africa and around the world. Boon Boona lives this mentality at home as well, creating safe, inclusive spaces for LGBTQ+, BIPOC, and other marginalized people. We love working with socially conscious partners like Boon Boona, and we also love their coffee.

The Roasts

Boon Boona has a few single origins that fluctuate in availability that are excellent - we think you should try them all. They also have a couple of really excellent blends that we’re big fans of. Here’s a bit about both of these interesting offerings. Bereka is Boon Boona’s tasty and easy drinking medium roast. This blend is perfect for a range of brew methods and celebrates the roaster’s partnerships with such a wide range of producers across the East African region. Currently this roast consists of Ugandan and Ethiopian coffees with notes of baking spice and cane sugar. Bereka has a creamy body that works with or without milk. Jebena is a slightly darker blend than what we typically see, and we love it. It’s hard to roast beans to a darker level without losing some of their character. Consisting of Ethiopian and Ugandan beans, Jebena is an elegantly roasted offering that manages to offer a hint of roasty flavor along with notes of dark chocolate and caramel. We find that this one does great in a drip brew or a press. On the single origin front, their Ethiopia Dur Feres is actually offered year-round. This coffee offers notes of blueberry, cocoa nib, and strawberry, and features naturally processed beans. This makes it a pretty solid introduction to natural processing, as it isn’t overpowering despite having plenty of delicious flavor. Definitely one for a pour over. We know you’ll love what this roaster has to offer! Shop all of Boon Boona’s blends and single origins here!

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