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2021 Holiday Shopping Guide: Alternative Coffee Brewers

Nov 5, 2021 · alternative brewers · coffee · culture · gift guides
2021 Holiday Shopping Guide: Alternative Coffee Brewers

We’ve got one more topic to cover for our 2021 gifting guides, and that’s all of those extra brew methods that are at least fun for anyone, and favorites for some! That means presses, stovetop, cold brew, and more. Let’s jump in!


We know, we know, you’re probably tired of hearing us recommend this one. But it’s for a good reason! We’re talking, of course, about the Solis Scala. This grinder is a fantastic option for any slow brewing method that requires a coarser grind than an espresso shot. The reason we’ve included it in most of our gifting guides is because it is so, well, giftable. This is an affordable grinder with great consistency and reliability, plus creature comforts like a timer. It’s hard to recommend another grinder over the Scala for affordable slow brewing.


We have to continue to recommend the AeroPress and AeroPress Go. These presses offer similar coffee with different form factors. Regardless of which one you go with, this is just one of the best gifts in coffee period. Easy to use and unique, but still offering that bold taste people go for, the AeroPress is definitely a favorite around the coffee world. What makes it a great gift? It’s the combination of affordability, form factor, and performance. They’ll love learning to use the AeroPress, and it’s an easy gift to purchase and give!


Stovetop brewing is a unique way to make coffee that doesn’t require that much equipment. It creates a brew similar to espresso but with slightly coarser grind levels that a standard burr grinder like the aforementioned Scala can achieve. This makes it a great way to try out something a little bit closer to espresso without the expense of a full espresso grinder and machine. If you’re looking to gift a stovetop brewer this season we definitely recommend the Ilsa Omnia. This is a longstanding favorite at SCG and that is still the case this year. The Omnio is affordable, durable, and works great, so it’s pretty hard to argue with!

Cold Brew

While the holiday season might be a little chilly in many places, that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a cold brew. More than that, cold brew equipment is generally quite affordable and makes great gifts. When it comes down to it, all of the cold brewing options in our cold brew section would make great gifts. If you are looking for an extra simple system, we’d recommend the cold brewers from Toddy. In most cases the simplicity of cold brew means that these brewers are mostly there to make the process simpler and cleaner. For that purpose, all of what you’ll find on SCG is a great gifting option! We’ve got just a few more ideas for your holiday gifting, the first being the Varia Multi-Brewer! This nifty coffee gadget can brew in a bunch of different ways, including as a pour over setup, cold brewer, stovetop brewer, press, and more! It’s a really great gift for anyone looking for an overview of different coffee options. Next, we’ve got SCG gift certificates! Coffee equipment can be pretty expensive, and not always within a giftable price range. With an SCG gift certificate you can help someone get a little bit closer to their dream setup. Last, but not least, we’ve also got a convenient way to gift the most important part: the beans! With a gift coffee subscription from Seattle Coffee Gear, they’ll get fresh beans delivered to their door on the schedule you set, for as long as you select. These coffees are hand-chosen by our experts, so they’ll always get some of our favorite roasts, not just whatever we could get on the cheap. Check out our subscriptions, and happy shopping!"

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