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2022 Holiday Gift Guide - Aesthetic Appreciators

Nov 15, 2022 · chemex · coffee · fellow · gift guide · holiday · pour over
2022 Holiday Gift Guide - Aesthetic Appreciators

Do you have someone on your list who’s always looking for that swanky new piece of gear to impress their friends? Someone who loves high quality coffee equipment but wants it to have a slick look too? We’ve got you covered with our Aesthetic Appreciator Gift Guide!

Grind in Style

One of the most gorgeous pieces of coffee gear out there is the Fellow Ode. This grinder is built for function, but it’s also got untouchable modern style. The overside grind adjust knob on the front is bold and makes selecting a grind size easy. The low profile single dose hopper is ideal for pour over fans, but also helps keep this grinder compact and tight aesthetically. Finally, the magnetic metal catch bin completes this stunning visual design and prevents messes. The Fellow Ode also keeps the details in mind with auto-stop grinding and a knocker to knock out retained grounds. Plus, this grinder’s custom 64 mm flat steel burrs are built to last and provide incredible consistency. It’s the perfect grinder for any slow-brew fan of style and substance.

Heat it Up

The next piece of the pour over puzzle is a kettle, and for this guide we love another Fellow product: The Stagg EKG. This kettle is simple, but beautiful and effective. It also maintains the bold modern design of the Ode, and actually predates that grinder in Fellow’s lineup. With a simple dial to set temperature and a small screen to display the current temp, this one’s easy to use as well. It really is a no-brainer to pair with the Ode!

A True Classic

If you’re looking to get that aesthetic appreciator on your list a pour over brewer, look no further than the Chemex Classic. The Chemex is an all time pour over brewer that is lovely to look at and makes a great cup of coffee. While it can take time to learn how to brew a proper pour over, once you have a routine down it can be a meditative way to start your day. The Chemex brews a lighter cup that really brings out the flavors of the beans. With just some coffee grounds, a folded paper filter, and hot water your giftee can get brewing delicious coffee every day. Plus, this pour over brewer is one they’ll want on display because it just looks so great.

Precision Measuring

Your grind size isn’t the only thing that needs to be precise when brewing pour over. You’ll want a scale that can provide accurate measurements without delay. Having a timer involved is important as well. Tackle both of those needs with the Acaia Pearl Coffee Scale. The Pearl is a feature rich scale with a variety of modes and adjustments to help you get the best pour over possible. While it can take a bit of time to learn everything that this scale can do, it’ll be another piece of gear to leave out with their setup because it’s also just so pretty.

Last but Not Least…

And we can’t forget the coffee! There’s a variety of beautiful coffee bag designs available from our partner roasters. You could get them a Coffee Club gift subscription, which features rotating coffees hand picked by our experts. We also think this is the perfect gift guide to give a shout out to Methodical Coffee Roasters. Their gorgeous bag designs look great with any of the gifts we’ve included, or as their own treat to your giftee. We know they’ll love the way their coffee setup looks with these recommendations!

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