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21st Century Coffee Klatch

Dec 13, 2009 · coffee · coffee maker · coffee makers · Legacy · new products
21st Century Coffee Klatch

We can just hear it now: 'Coffee? Anyone need some coffee? I really want to make coffee. Hey, you -- coffee? Want some coffee? I can make you some. Coffee. Coffee, anyone? SOMEONE DRINK MY COFFEE.' While Primula's Speak n' Brew isn't teetering on the verge of insanity like a self-actualized toaster stuck aboard a mining ship adrift in deep space, it will offer you a little bit o' chitchat along with your morning java. The newest kid on the coffee maker block provides some call and response, allowing you to set the time and brewing schedule by voice command and talking back to confirm your orders. It's a cool idea...though we can't help but wish it was a little more flexible with its command lines: Groggily shouting 'Coffee, hot!' would give us that giddy feeling inherent in realizing adolescent dreams of living aboard the Star Trek Enterprise. Mm-hmm, you know the one.

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