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3 Coffee Brewing Mistakes You're Making Right Now

Mar 3, 2022 · coffee · culture · educational
3 Coffee Brewing Mistakes You're Making Right Now

Mistakes are part of the coffee brewing process. We all make them! Even your friends here at Seattle Coffee Gear commit some errors when we're brewing. Today we want to look at 3 coffee making mistakes you might be making now!

1. Using Pre-Ground Coffee

We know, fresh grinding your beans can be a pain. It's cheaper to not have to maintain a coffee grinder at home. Plus, with the convenience of roasters grinding for you or using grinders at the store you might feel like you don't have to! But fresh grinding your beans really might be the most important part of getting the best flavors from your coffee. Fresh ground coffee brings out all of the aromas and flavors that you want in your cup. Batch grinding ahead of time causes your coffee to start to lose its flavor faster. And really it's not so hard to fresh grind. With affordable options like the Solis Scala and a little bit of extra effort you can improve your morning cup.

2. Using Sub-Optimal Water

It stands to reason that the water you use to brew is nearly as important as the coffee. That's why you should pay close attention to your water! Temperature is, of course, key, but so is the mineral makeup of the water. High mineral water can have a metallic taste that can affect the taste of your coffee. It can also cause your equipment to need more frequent descaling. For these reasons we recommend filtered water either from a filtered tap, pitcher, or the use of an in machine filter. You might think the easy solution would be to use distilled water. The issue is that without some mineral content your water usually will cause the sensor that regulates water in your tank to fail. It will need some mineral content in the water to detect it. You can use a splash of tap water with your distilled water, but water with too low of a mineral count can cause stale or underwhelming coffee. The best bet is to stick with filtered water!

3. Failing to Measure Accurately

One of the most common things we notice users doing is failing to measure their brew appropriately. It can be tempting to eyeball your pour over or guesstimate with your drip brewing scoops, but this really can have an effect on your coffee. A proper brew ratio is key to getting that perfect cup, so be careful how you measure! We recommend measuring by weight to get the very best results. Yes, you can use scoops for grounds and markings on vessels for liquid, but weight is more reliable. You'll also find that if you carefully weigh your beans you can calibrate your grinder to grind just enough if it has a timer. If it doesn't, you might try single dosing your beans, as in only adding just what you need to the hopper. This way, you can cut down on coffee waste and ensure a tastier brew! We hope these tips help you tighten up your coffee game!

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