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9 Classic Coffee Gift Ideas

Dec 14, 2016 · aeropress · chemex · coffee · espro · gifts
9 Classic Coffee Gift Ideas

Coffee never goes out of style—and neither will these coffee gift ideas! From grandma to your coffee obsessed co-worker, we picked out nine classic coffee gift ideas for everyone on your list.

SCG Picks 3 - Coffee

Gift giving is not a competition, but if you show up with three bags of fresh roasted coffee you’re surefire to win! We’ll select three of our favorite specialty roasted coffees that brew beautifully as pour over, French press or drip—any brew will do! You might even discover a new favorite brew.

Kalita Wave Stainless Steel Dripper

Nothing says classic like a cup of pour over coffee. The Kalita Wave is a timeless pour over coffee maker that’s as easy on the eyes as it is on the budget. Pair the Kalita Wave with their “wave” designed filter and you have a coffee maker that evenly extracts coffee with delicious results.


Who said old meant classic? Invented in 2005, the AeroPress has quickly become a staple for home brewers. The AeroPress combines immersion and pressure brewing to create a full-bodied, but clean cup thanks to their paper filters. It’s the perfect travel companion for outdoor adventurers or holiday travelers!

Chemex Classic Series

Everyone needs a Chemex! The Chemex Classic series has everything for pour over enthusiasts: the hourglass shape holds the filter with coffee and brews directly into the carafe to pour once when it’s ready. Made with heat-resistant glass and finished with a wooden collar and leather tie, it’s an elegant and timeless brewer. With sizes from 3 to 10-cups, there’s a size for every caffeine craving.

Fellow Stagg Pour Over Kettle

Improve your pour over with the Fellow Stagg Pour Over Kettle! Designed with a gooseneck spout and weighted grip, it improves the precision of your pour. And it features an integrated thermometer on the lid to quickly read the temperature. With steely looks and an ergonomic design, the Stagg is the perfect gift for any coffee drinker.

Frieling Insulated Coffee Maker French Press - Brushed Stainless Steel

The Frieling is the last French press any coffee lover will ever need! Made with 18/10 stainless steel, the Frieling is more durable and more heat retention than glass models. And, of course, the brushed stainless steel version is just flat out elegant. Put our name on this gift!

Rhinowares Digital Alarm Thermometer

This is not your grandpa’s kitchen thermometer—the Rhinowares Digital Alarm Thermometer will ring the alarm once the set temperature is reached. New baristas can practice frothing milk to the right temperature or improve their technique by measuring temperature fluctuations during brewing.

Toddy Cold Brew System

Baby, it’s cold—cold brew that is! The Toddy Cold Brew System brews a delicious big batch of stout, concentrated coffee that’ll keep for weeks. This brew is easy to drink thanks to the Toddy’s amazing reusable filter that takes out 60% more of the acids in coffee. No matter the season, cold brew finds wonderful ways to brighten our cup.

Espro Travel Press

There’s your typical travel mug, then there’s the Espro Travel Press. The Espro is a French press designed to take on the run. Fill the Espro brew basket with ground coffee and go—it’s there for early morning soccer games or that grueling morning commute! The double filtration basket and rubber gasket create a seal to brew one clean cup of French press coffee ready to drink.

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