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All the Buzz, Without the Kill

Nov 1, 2009 · Legacy · new products
All the Buzz, Without the Kill

Sometimes you just need a caffeine fix without all of the java-related details. Sometimes that caffeine fix needs to taste like fruit punch, sometimes it needs to be the color red and sometimes -- just sometimes -- it needs to come from an IV bag and remind you of a blood transfusion. Sure, we've all been there. If you didn't get enough blood n' gore during last night's spooky festivities, infuse your life with a little gross out all year round by keeping some Blood Caffeinated Energy Potion on hand. Courtesy of ThinkGeek, this delicious (?) concoction is said to incorporate elements of the real thing, plus a caffeine kick, so you get a nice buzz with 100% less dead neighbors. Really, there's a lesson in this for all of us.

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