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Are You Listening to the Seattle Coffee Gear Podcast?

Are You Listening to the Seattle Coffee Gear Podcast?

You’ve probably seen our blog posts about the Seattle Coffee Gear podcast, but have you given it a listen? We hope you will! Here’s a few recent highlights:

Dream Setups and Brewing on a Budget

Jake and I took some time to chat about our absolute dream coffee setups. Have fun listening along (and maybe judging our taste)! I had Madison on the show to help deliver some tips for anyone brewing on a budget. This is a really important coffee topic that can get missed sometimes when we get excited about expensive espresso machines:

Why Does My Coffee Taste Bad? Plus 2022 Machine Reviews

Another adventure with Madison focused on improving the flavor of your coffee at home. Is it your grinder? Do you need a tune up? Find out with this episode: Next up, is this coffee equipment still worth it in 2022? I asked Jake for his thoughts:

Interview with Travis from Counter Culture

Finally, in one of our most enjoyable episodes yet, I sat down with Travis Beckett from Counter Culture to talk about coffee roasting, brewing, and culture in a wonderful interview: I hope you’ll come check out the Seattle Coffee Gear Podcast! We’re just getting started.

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