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Ascaso Steel Duo Sneak Peek

Jul 12, 2021 · ascaso · coffee · espresso · news · semi-auto
Ascaso Steel Duo Sneak Peek

Ascaso has been a fan favorite at SCG for a while now, and for good reason. They combine pleasing visual design with performance and an affordable price point. Sometimes it can be difficult to find a machine you like the look of with the performance you’re looking for in your price range. We’ve found Ascaso to be pretty good at doing just that! Today we have a sneak preview of the new Ascaso Steel Duo, which is similar to the Uno in many ways.


The Steel Duo, as you might expect, has quite a lot in common with the Steel Uno. The Uno is Ascaso’s step up from the Dream line, featuring a little more power and a PID controller build into the unit. The Steel Duo, as you might surmise, has two thermoblock boilers instead of the one in the Uno. This kind of boiler still manages to heat water quick and effectively, but having two is a huge boost. Having two boilers means one is dedicated to brewing and one is dedicated to steaming milk. This is extremely helpful if you like milk drinks, because it means you don’t have to steam first and then wait for the temps to drop enough for brewing. It also means that water levels in the boilers are managed independently. The other big upgrade from the Uno is the hot water spout. If you’re a fan of americanos, rejoice! On the Uno you have to pull hot water through the steam want, which as you can imagine can be a bit of a pain. In the Steel Duo, you can just slide your cup over from below the portafilter spouts and pull hot water straight into it! The Ascaso Steel Duo also has a pressure gauge right on the face, sturdy switches for operation that work like the Uno, and an easy to read and use PID controller for controlling water temperatures. The unit is fed by a single water reservoir but it slides out to the side for easy access. This is another very helpful feature, as it allows you to access that reservoir without lifting it out. A key feature if you have low cabinets. To top it all off, the Steel Duo does have an extra cup warmer on top to keep your cups nice and toasty and ready for brewing. This machine is an excellent choice for anyone looking to upgrade from a more entry level machine. It’s also a solid option if you’re shopping for your first machine and want something a little extra. We’ll have more details about pricing and availability soon over on our Ascaso brand page, and through our newsletter, so get signed up if you aren’t!

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