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Ask Andrew From Rocket: PID Design

May 27, 2015 · coffee · education · espresso · pid · videos
Ask Andrew From Rocket: PID Design

Back with another episode of Ask Andrew! This time we decided to ask Andrew his thoughts on the design and use of a PID on an espresso machine. We all know that Rocket Espresso takes a lot of care when it comes to the design of their machines, both in their aesthetics and functionality! So we were sure he would have some thoughts around the PID design. What's a PID controller you ask? A PID, which stands for proportional-integral-derivative, is a device that is constantly reading the temperature of the boiler (or wherever a thermometer is placed). It continues to calculate and adjust the boilers heating element so that when you brew you can set and be confident that you are brewing at a specific temperature. Watch the video below to learn more about the PID design and it's part in the design of a Rocket Espresso machine!

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