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Ask Gail: Bitter and Sour Espresso Shots!

Jun 12, 2015 · ask gail · coffee · educational · gail · videos
Ask Gail: Bitter and Sour Espresso Shots!

Bitter and sour espresso shots, oh my! Getting that perfect espresso shot takes time and practice. But knowing what to taste for and what adjustments to make goes a long way to pulling that perfect shot. Espresso shots can have two extremes, either an overly bitter shot or a very sour shot. Both of which are very easy to recognize. But how do you go about fixing the off flavors? We asked Gail to give us the run down. So if you espresso shot tastes sour check out the video below to find out the cure!

Does your espresso shot taste overly bitter? Watch the following video for some helpful tips!

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