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Ask Gail: Can I Use Grindz In A Superautomatic?

May 25, 2015 · ask gail · educational · superauto · videos
Ask Gail: Can I Use Grindz In A Superautomatic?

We are always say, the cleaner you keep you espresso machine the longer it will last. And we will continue to say so until the end of time. But sometimes cleaning your machine improperly can cause more damage than just leaving it dirty! Who woulda thought? Case in point, using Grindz in a superautomatic espresso machine. Running Grindz Cleaner through your burr grinder every few weeks will work wonders in terms of keeping your grinder clean and keeping your coffee tasting fresh. It also happens to be all-natural, gluten free and completely food safe. But this is only useful on a stand alone grinder! If used in a superautomatic, the Grindz will go into the brew unit and expand due to the brewing water. This expansion is really bad for the inside of your superautomatic, and will cause damage. Watch the full Ask Gail below, and don't forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel for daily coffee videos!

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